Summer Ready Skin: How Dermatologists Help Treat Spider Veins

As spring and summer are upon us, those capri pants, shorts, and swimsuits may seem daunting if you suffer from spider veins. The good news is that licensed dermatologists, who are able to diagnose and treat thousands of skin conditions, can provide treatments to get your skin ready for its seasonal debut.

Spider veins, whose medical term is Telangiectasias, appear on the skin and are due to weakening blood valves that are not flowing perfectly. The pooling blood in the valves causes the appearance of branching or pooling. Although not typically associated with any physical pain, any cosmetic concerns can be addressed by a professional. Spider veins affect those with light skin and dark skin. Since it is a cosmetic treatment, working with a local and reputable dermatologist is the best way to address these concerns before it is time to bear it all!

More Women Seek Help for Spider Veins Than Men

Although it may seem natural for more women to seek professional help from a dermatologist to address their concerns over spider veins, it is true that this skin condition affects twice as many women as men. Women tend to experience spider veins more often than men because of some of the events that women go through. Pregnancy, which can include weight gain and loss, and the necessity of diverting blood flow to a growing baby in the belly is another thing that makes women more susceptible to pesky spider veins. Additionally, in later seasons of life, women may participate in estrogen treatments, and unfortunately, estrogen weakens the valves that move the blood throughout the body. When those valves are weakened, spider veins can creep out on the skin’s surface.

Genetics and age are the other two factors that contribute to the likelihood of having spider veins. An aging body naturally experiences weakening valves, so that seniors may experience a more significant number of spider veins. Again, since spider veins are not uncomfortable and are usually a cosmetic concern, it is optional to treat them. If spider veins run in the family, it is highly likely that others in the same line will have the same skincare concerns. Elevating feet when flying or in the seated position for long windows of time or wearing compression socks can help in some circumstances.

Exposure to the sun can worsen spider veins, so as the weather warms up, don’t forget to protect your skin with sunscreen!

Addressing Spider Vein Concerns Without Treatment

Many products that may help cover up spider veins are available over the counter. Make-up or self-tanner topical products may help disguise lighter spider veins, but there is also a chance they will wash or wear off when you need more extended coverage. If you are concerned about spider veins, find a local dermatologist with experience helping clients find affordable treatment plans. If you are in Atlanta, Buckhead Dermatology focuses on assisting clients with many skincare conditions, including spider veins.

Dermatology Treatments for Spider Veins

When spider veins are raised, dark, or in areas causing you to want to cover up in the hottest months of the year, affordable treatment plans are available, so call for an appointment and do not delay! Sustainable treatments can alleviate the stress of being limited in what you want to wear and when and where you want to wear it. There are reasonably priced treatments that are outpatient procedures. Outpatient treatments, including laser treatments and sclerotherapy injections, typically do not require anesthesia. In many instances, spider vein treatment yields immediate results. Some more extreme spider vein cases may take multiple treatments.

Varicose veins may become painful and require surgery, but a licensed dermatologist is the most qualified to do these procedures. Education, training, and experience count when it comes to finding a professional to work with on skin care concerns and conditions.

As spring and summer bring warmer weather, make sure your skin is at its optimal health and beauty. A caring professional can masterfully handle any skincare concerns, like acne, psoriasis, eczema, and, of course, spider veins. Do not let your skin’s appearance hold you back from putting your best foot forward. Many dermatology services are covered by insurance, and client-focused dermatology offices will be able to offer clients multiple options and find one that fits their budget. Dermatologists have dedicated their lives to the skin’s largest organ, and the best offices and professionals work with clients to get the results they seek at a cost they can afford. Everybody deserves to feel good in their skin, and whether or not a skin concern is painful or not, cosmetic treatments are entirely normal! So, embrace the season and prepare your skin for sleeveless and short-sleeved shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts, and flip-flops!