The When and What of Skin Cancer Screenings

skin cancer screen

When it comes to skin cancer screenings, most people do not know where to start until they see something on their skin that concerns them. Although skin cancer, especially in older adults, is common, it is good to know when to start getting skin cancer screenings and what to expect. Due to the commonality of skin cancer in the United States, licensed dermatologists are able to successfully perform checks and provide treatment options.

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How Body Piercings Affect Skincare

girls with piercings

When it comes to getting skin pierced, it is wise to consult with a professional dermatologist because of the potential conflict between current beauty products being used and the location of a piercing. Make sure to check with a professional dermatologist if you are planning to get a piercing while on acne or other skincare-prescribed medication. Many people choose piercings to enhance their appearance, and when done by a professional, they are safe and will heal with proper care.

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Five Skincare Tips from Popular Beauty Bloggers

black woman face mask

Although five steps in a skincare routine may seem overwhelming, especially if no skincare routine currently exists, taking some essential steps from this list will benefit your skin. Staying ahead of skincare concerns is best, especially as we age, but starting something is better than doing nothing. The goal of a skincare routine is to clean, restore, and protect.

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Cold Water Benefits for Skin

cold water

Dermatologists tell clients that using cold water when washing one’s face, the coolness can aid in balancing the skin’s natural pH and also shrink pores and reduce puffiness. There are many products on the market that use cooling elements to improve skin’s appearance. Using mild cleansers with cold water removes dirt and buildup while clarifying pores. Cool water can also regulate the oil levels in the skin and help with conditions like rosacea and dryness.

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