The Upside and Downside of Using Coconut Oil in Skincare

black woman using coconut oil in skincare

Using coconut oil in the kitchen makes sense, but not everyone can see the translation of its use to skincare. Many people believe that using coconut oil on the skin can help with dry skin, eczema, and other skin concerns, but it is also important to know that coconut oil may not be the best product for treating your skin condition. Speaking with an experienced dermatologist is the fastest way to get results when you have a skin care concern.

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Dermatology and Skincare for Men

men different ages

Toss out the myth that skincare routines, products, and dermatology visits are just for women! Men deserve to love their skin just as much as women, and although not as expected, it should be. Men often prefer to keep skincare to a minimum, but today, there are products and options to keep men’s skin looking healthier and younger with little effort.

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Give Your Skin the Hydration It Needs and Deserves

woman splashing water face hydrate

It is essential to hydrate the skin because it is the body’s largest organ. People with itchy, dry, and aging skin often do not consume enough water to keep their skin looking as good as possible. Dermatologists agree that one of the best things anyone can do for their skin’s appearance and overall health is to stay hydrated.

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Zero Waste Skincare: Eco-friendly Skincare Routines and Products

woman taking bath eco-friendly products

As the world strives for sustainable living in many areas, why not include an eco-friendly, waste free skincare routine? The beauty landscape continues to evolve, and now, product developers and marketing teams pride themselves on their progressive eco-conscious, recyclable, biodegradable, and refillable packaging. In 2025, customers are likely to see even more steps towards eco-friendly beauty products and packaging.

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Unleash a Fresh Summer Glow by Shrinking Pores

woman looking in mirror pores magnify

The fact is that your skin needs its pores. Some pores are smaller than others, and sometimes genetics make them more visible and more challenging to manage. If you are unhappy with how your pores look, there are ways to improve and shrink their appearance. These suggestions for shrinking pores are manageable, and meeting with a trustworthy and dedicated dermatologist can help get you the results you seek.

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