Can Low Vitamin D Cause Skincare Issues?

woman face in sun

Skincare is something everyone thinks about at one time or another. Babies can commonly experience eczema, teens struggle with acne, and aging adults struggle with common skin issues such as dryness and wrinkles – these are just the most common skincare issues at different stages of life! Vitamin D tests are low in most adults, and more than 35% of Americans suffer from low vitamin D. Scientists suggest, and most dermatologists agree that vitamin deficiencies may be the culprit for some skincare concerns.

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Managing Psoriasis Over the Warm, Summer Months

Summer is fast approaching, and temperatures are heating up. In the south, humid weather makes 80 degrees feel like a wet 100. Desert states feel like 100 degrees because it is at least that hot! Whether excessive heat or dryness, extreme temperatures are no friend to our skin, so finding an effective skincare routine to…

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