Understanding Melasma and The Best Treatments


When skin pigmentation occurs, this skin condition is called melasma. More commonly experienced by women than men and darker skin patients than lighter skin, it often appears on the face as darker spots and patches. Melasma is not dangerous or contagious. However, if the discolorations cause someone to lead a low-quality life because they are…

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Plaque Psoriasis: Internal or External?

man psoriasis scalp

Many people suffer from annoying conditions and psoriasis outbreaks, but plaque psoriasis is different. Plaque psoriasis comes from within and causes skin reactions on the elbows, arms, legs, face, and scalp, including itchiness, flaking, and rashes. In some cases, these outward signs of plaque psoriasis can not only be uncomfortable but make people self-conscious about…

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Managing Your Psoriasis This Summer

woman back psoriasis

We are officially in the throes of summer. Although places like California are experiencing “June Gloom,” those on the east coast are already experiencing some exceptionally hot days and weeks! When it comes to summer weather, it is important to prioritize your skincare routine to keep your skin looking healthy during these warmer months. Regardless…

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Four Things to Improve Your Makeup Routine According to Dermatologists

women faces many races

There seem to be endless sources of beauty blogs, social media plugs, and personal experiences with makeup and skincare. However, some of this information can be valuable, getting input from professionals licensed in dermatology to provide some solid advice. After combing through skincare routine sites related to makeup, there is consistent advice around four makeup-wearing…

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