Three Ways Everyone Can Benefit from Visiting a Dermatologist

dr sherrie straughn

As summer is only weeks away, skincare quickly becomes a priority. People look for skincare solutions to keep skin hydrated, happy, and healthy. From protection against the sun to after-shower moisturizers, most people flock to the local drugstore and purchase products that promise to bring out the best in all skin types. It is important…

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Three Must Knows About Sunscreen and Skincare

three women sunscreen

Discussing the importance of sunscreen and skincare is always essential. As spring is flying, summer is right around the corner. This year, June 21st officially marks the first day of summer. However, waiting until then to start thinking about how to best protect your skin from the sun is a big mistake. Honestly, experienced dermatologists…

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Self-Care is Vital to Mental Health

black woman hugging herself

May is here, and it is time to spread awareness about mental health! The increasing day-to-day stress many people experience makes this an opportune time to encourage everyone to take some time this month for self-care and a mental health check-in. It is hard for most of us to imagine having time for self-care. As…

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Does your Skincare Routine Have a Personality?

Black Woman with Mask Laughing

It is undeniable that each person has a unique personality. But does your skin have its own personality? Whether you spend a significant amount of time or do the basics for your skin, we are all influenced by others, and we are likely to follow similar routines as those who raised us. Family, friends, and…

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