Singer Lizzo Shares Skincare Secrets on TikTok Reveal Video

This week, skincare routines blew up social media as singer Lizzo dropped a candid and scaled-down skincare video on TikTok. Lizzo is someone in the limelight who embraces her beauty, and her latest trending skincare video aligns with her approach to putting it all out there. It is refreshing when someone famous allows themselves to…

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Ashy Skin Is Highly Treatable

ashy skin

Dry skin can reveal itself in many ways. Those with darker skin tones may describe their skin as gray or ashy. Although this skin condition is often more noticeable on darker skin, it can affect anyone. Ashy skin is a highly treatable skin condition that can be addressed and managed by a skincare professional. As…

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Winter Skincare Tips

In the colder months, the air dries up, and so does the skin. People enjoy snow-covered lawns and fun outdoor activities during this special time of year. Along with the joy of the winter season comes the reality that skin needs and deserves some extra attention for the next several months. If you are someone…

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Beware! Avoid Makeup Skin Reactions this Halloween

Halloween skin makeup

It is that time of year, and people are flocking to Goodwill, costume shops, and trendy vintage clothing stores in hopes of finding the perfect costume. The makeup and accessories can make or break a costume’s overall look, but many people have sensitive skin that leaves them looking scarier the next day. Everyone should consider some critical things when choosing makeup and accessories this Halloween. Plan ahead and avoid unwanted skin reactions this Halloween!

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