How To Do Skin Cancer Self-Exams

woman in mirror self exam skin cancer

When it comes to skin cancer screenings, don’t skip it because it seems too difficult because this type of cancer is highly treatable and early detection and treatment are vital to successful removal. If you have any questions about existing moles on your skin or want to schedule a skin cancer screening, schedule an appointment today with a trusted dermatologist in your area.

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Dermatology and Skincare for Men

men different ages

Toss out the myth that skincare routines, products, and dermatology visits are just for women! Men deserve to love their skin just as much as women, and although not as expected, it should be. Men often prefer to keep skincare to a minimum, but today, there are products and options to keep men’s skin looking healthier and younger with little effort.

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Three Basic Skin Types to Narrow Down Skin Concerns

three smiling happy women faces skin types

Let’s face it, it isn’t easy to know one’s skin type without consulting with a licensed dermatologist because skin type is more than just skin deep. Although there are expansive lists of skin types, the main three are normal, dry, and oily. Knowing a little about each may help shed some light on the mystery around skin types.

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