What Dermatology Concerns Do Men Have?

man looking at mole on face

Although the best dermatology offices are trained and experienced in treating both men and women for skin care concerns, many think dermatology visits are exclusively for women. This is mainly because men are not typically as open about their skincare concerns due to embarrassment. Some men believe visiting a dermatologist makes them seem less masculine.…

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Three Things to Know About Photoaging

age spots photoaging woman face

When skin is continually exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays or artificial sources for prolonged periods of time, photoaging will occur. Photoaging differs from the skin’s natural aging process because it happens prematurely. Premature aging has similar results as natural aging, but it can appear earlier and have a more pronounced appearance. Photoaging includes age…

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Dermatologists Shed Light on Oily Skin and Hair

woman oily hair and skin

Everyone knows that dermatology focuses on the skin’s health. Whether age spots, eczema, or skin cancer screenings, full-service dermatology offices help clients with various skin conditions and concerns. However, what is less well-known is that dermatologists specialize in hair and nail health. People who suffer from dry skin often seek the professional help of a…

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