What Dermatology Concerns Do Men Have?

man looking at mole on face

Although the best dermatology offices are trained and experienced in treating both men and women for skin care concerns, many think dermatology visits are exclusively for women. This is mainly because men are not typically as open about their skincare concerns due to embarrassment. Some men believe visiting a dermatologist makes them seem less masculine.…

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Eczema Affects Children and Adults


When dry spots appear on the skin, most people do not think twice about it. If it doesn’t take much effort, they may put some lotion they already have over the area. However, when these dry spots persist and turn red and patchy, it is best to visit a local dermatologist who can determine if…

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Dermatologists Help Families Navigate Pediatric Skincare

When a baby enters the world, doctor visits become part of the weekly schedule. As children grow, doctor and dental visits aren’t a second thought. Many schools require physicals and annual checkups to ensure children get the medical attention they need and that any concerns can be addressed early on. If a child is ill,…

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Skincare Routines of Top Dermatologists

Who better to ask about skincare routines than experts with collective experience, training, and knowledge? It is easy to take skin care advice from someone respected in their field, but how many of us wonder what they use on their skin to keep it so healthy looking? Dermatologists openly admit that they deal with many…

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The Difference Between Cosmetic and Medical Dermatology

dermatology Treatment

After achieving an impressive degree in medicine, licensed dermatologists can choose sub-specialization fields in which they want to continue training and achieve certifications to practice in that area. Although both focus on the skin, hair, and nails, medical and cosmetic dermatology are pretty different. It is essential to know which type of dermatologist you seek.…

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