Preventative Cancer Screenings Matter for All Types of Cancer

melanoma skin check

Since 1 in 5 Americans will have a skin cancer diagnosis at some point in their life, early detection is key to identifying and treating skin cancer. Skin cancer is treatable and curable. Between professional skin cancer screenings from a dermatologist and self-exams, skin cancers can be found early and addressed. Dermatologists who offer skin cancer screening services provide clients the highest level of care, with experience examining moles, growths, and other concerning skin abnormalities.

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Four of the Most Commons Skincare Concerns for Aging Adults

The key is to embrace beauty at each stage of life, and even though aging skin has adults scrambling to turn back the clock, aging can be quite beautiful. It is critical to care for our skin as we age and get it the attention it needs and deserves. Professional and licensed dermatologists are a solid starting point to begin any routine to address aging skincare concerns.

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Three Things to Know About Pesky Razor Bumps

black man shaving razor

Women and men both suffer from irritation after shaving. Unfortunately, some people experience extreme reactions that can appear as acne or a rash that is itchy and sometimes painful. Razor bumps are incredibly common, and those with coarse and curly hair typically experience this condition more often. Dermatologists find it is a skin condition that…

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The Post-Shower Skin Itch

Taking multiple showers daily is not uncommon if you live in the humidity part of the year. Showers may just be a rinse-off and not involve a regular hair routine or even soap, but many people living in warmer climates find themselves under the shower head halfway through the day to get a clean feeling…

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What’s Wrong with Dermatology Advice on the Internet?

Dermatology advice on the internet is expansive, with varying opinions around preventative skincare—anything preventive means making choices now that impact the skin’s appearance later. Lifestyle choices, including foods you eat, affect the appearance of the skin, but so do the environment and stress. However, remember that there is no regulation of who can advise on…

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