4 Things To Know About Sunburn


Anytime you are out in the sun, you are at risk of developing a sunburn. In fact, you can even get a bad sunburn on a cloudy day. People of any skin tone can develop sunburn; however, people with fair skin are more prone to the condition. As we approach the summer months, we will…

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Warts 101: What You Need to Know


You’ve probably heard in a childhood fairy tale that touching a toad or frog will give you warts. While this is not entirely accurate, there is some truth to the lore. Warts are spread by a virus that passes from person to person through touch. Warts are very common, but many people have them removed…

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3 Dry Skin Tips for Men

man with dry skin

When it comes to talking about skin, most of the information, products and services are targeted toward women. But men have skin concerns too, and they suffer from many of the same skin conditions that require preventative or professional treatment by a dermatologist. A common condition that affects all people is dry skin. Dry skin…

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How to Avoid Heat Rash

heat rash

Warmer weather is here! And in the South, humidity rates are rising. For anyone who spends time outdoors, the heat, humidity and sun exposure can cause some serious health and skin concerns if you do not take precautions. While sunburn and its potential to increase your chances of skin cancer is known to many people,…

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