How To Do Skin Cancer Self-Exams

woman in mirror self exam skin cancer

When it comes to skin cancer screenings, don’t skip it because it seems too difficult because this type of cancer is highly treatable and early detection and treatment are vital to successful removal. If you have any questions about existing moles on your skin or want to schedule a skin cancer screening, schedule an appointment today with a trusted dermatologist in your area.

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Give Your Skin the Hydration It Needs and Deserves

woman splashing water face hydrate

It is essential to hydrate the skin because it is the body’s largest organ. People with itchy, dry, and aging skin often do not consume enough water to keep their skin looking as good as possible. Dermatologists agree that one of the best things anyone can do for their skin’s appearance and overall health is to stay hydrated.

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Can Anger and Stress Speed Up the Aging Process?

stress woman at work computer

Starting in adulthood, our skin cells change gradually due to cell damage and molecule buildup. Research shows that prolonged stress and feelings of anger create environments that can increase and speed up the signs of aging. Learning to manage stress triggers in life, regular visits to the doctor and connecting with a reputable dermatologist can help keep skin healthy.

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Is There Room for Artificial Intelligence in Dermatology?

ai dermatology computer

When it comes to the fast growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and the way it impacts all lives, it is undeniable that it has the potential to offer benefits in the medical field. Artificial intelligence is currently being used in many practice areas of medicine, including dermatology. AI is making waves worldwide, becoming a regular tool for educators, doctors, researchers, developers, and more. So, why is dermatology not an area of medicine that could or could not use AI in a valuable and helpful way? The answer is not easy.

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How Body Piercings Affect Skincare

girls with piercings

When it comes to getting skin pierced, it is wise to consult with a professional dermatologist because of the potential conflict between current beauty products being used and the location of a piercing. Make sure to check with a professional dermatologist if you are planning to get a piercing while on acne or other skincare-prescribed medication. Many people choose piercings to enhance their appearance, and when done by a professional, they are safe and will heal with proper care.

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