What’s Trending in Skincare for 2024?

2024 beauty trends

As 2023 comes to a close, it is time to look back at trends and see what is carrying into 2024. Glass skin was a hot trend in 2023, along with press on nails, curtain bangs, chrome nails, heatless waves, and faux freckles. Whether you personally dabbled in this year’s trends, chrome nails will have staying power into 2024. The beauty trends projected for 2024 include nail, skincare, body, and make-up trends that are sure to get people excited. The overall trend in beauty for 2024 is a natural look, using brown and cream tones, so buckle up and get ready for a year of highlighting your skin’s natural beauty!

Nail Trends for 2024

As mentioned, chrome nails will continue to be a star in 2024. Maybe it has to do with the chrome nail color’s later arrival in salons and on social media in 2023, but the look has got nail enthusiasts finding new and creative ways to showcase the chrome look. Of course, the classic French mani holds steady but with chrome twists and double French tips making their debut. Other high-ranked nail looks are milk chocolate and milk bath nail colors, as well as pistachio and oyster.

Press on nails have come a  long way since the late 1990’s, and today’s over-the-counter press on nails can be a quick fix for the holidays and throughout 2024. Color trends of press-on remain in the nude, neutral and chrome color spectrum. These color trends for nails align perfectly with 2024’s predicted move toward au natural.

Skincare Trends for 2024

Skincare ingredients are showing the most substantial trend shift in beauty, thanks to a new ingredient. Many beauty skincare products contain hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, but in 2024, ectoine is becoming the new star ingredient in skincare. Ectoine is an amino acid that alleviates cell inflammation and osmotic stress, and it also protects skin from environmental factors and locks in moisture to the skin.

Additionally, SPF continues to be a daily necessity for those wanting to keep their skin at its optimal health and appearance. Companies that make SPF products are finding new and innovative ways to put protection from the sun’s harmful rays in the hands of the consumer. SPFs will arrive on the scene in 2024 with vitamin C and non-oily sprays for on-the-go individuals.

Another projected trend in 2024 is a personal and streamlined skincare routine. What is called skin streaming, skincare specialists and dermatologists will undoubtedly be a helpful resource for those seeking a customized skincare routine and high-quality products.

Body and Wellness Trends for 2024

It is all about the shimmer when it comes to new products trending in 2024. Shimmer oils, scrubs, and serums that bring out the skin’s natural radiance are moving to the top of the trending list for 2024. Body scrubs containing silicone beads and rice-based ingredients are showing up on the shelves and sharing space with some traditional body scrub ingredients. The hottest new product is serum deodorant which has AHAs that help fight off odors but also brighten the underarm skin. Whole body deodorants are also trending, followed closely by pheromone perfumes. Other body and wellness trend products are beetroot gummies known to keep hair, lips, and skin healthy. Also, continuing in 2024 is applying fake tan freckles. Whether using wet powder on a brush or a pinpoint process, faux freckles can instantly freshen a natural look.

What’s Out? Tanning out in the brutal sun or spending time in a tanning bed!

Make-up Trends for 2024

The natural tones are back and dominating 2024 make-up trends. Lip colors of cola, espresso, and toffee are the hottest requests in beauty supply stores. Light lips, like concealer and honey colors are also staying on next year’s trending list. What will make faces pop in 2024 are bold brush strokes. Blush colors are trending in corals and reds, making a bold statement.

Regardless of what Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest predict to be the upcoming hot trends for 2024, only the official arrival of the new year will tell the true story. What is critical is that every individual embraces their own natural beauty. When a person suffers from a skin condition that may prevent them from feeling their best, a visit to a professionally licensed dermatologist can help bring the glow back. Buckhead Dermatology serves Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding areas. Dr. Sherrie Straughn treats every client with a personal touch and partners with them to achieve their skincare goals.

If you want to find out how to begin a streamlined skincare regimen, contact Buckhead Dermatology today for a consultation.