Three Basic Skin Types to Narrow Down Skin Concerns

three smiling happy women faces skin types

Let’s face it, it isn’t easy to know one’s skin type without consulting with a licensed dermatologist because skin type is more than just skin deep. Although there are expansive lists of skin types, the main three are normal, dry, and oily. Knowing a little about each may help shed some light on the mystery around skin types.

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Zero Waste Skincare: Eco-friendly Skincare Routines and Products

woman taking bath eco-friendly products

As the world strives for sustainable living in many areas, why not include an eco-friendly, waste free skincare routine? The beauty landscape continues to evolve, and now, product developers and marketing teams pride themselves on their progressive eco-conscious, recyclable, biodegradable, and refillable packaging. In 2025, customers are likely to see even more steps towards eco-friendly beauty products and packaging.

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Unleash a Fresh Summer Glow by Shrinking Pores

woman looking in mirror pores magnify

The fact is that your skin needs its pores. Some pores are smaller than others, and sometimes genetics make them more visible and more challenging to manage. If you are unhappy with how your pores look, there are ways to improve and shrink their appearance. These suggestions for shrinking pores are manageable, and meeting with a trustworthy and dedicated dermatologist can help get you the results you seek.

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How Body Piercings Affect Skincare

girls with piercings

When it comes to getting skin pierced, it is wise to consult with a professional dermatologist because of the potential conflict between current beauty products being used and the location of a piercing. Make sure to check with a professional dermatologist if you are planning to get a piercing while on acne or other skincare-prescribed medication. Many people choose piercings to enhance their appearance, and when done by a professional, they are safe and will heal with proper care.

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Five Skincare Tips from Popular Beauty Bloggers

black woman face mask

Although five steps in a skincare routine may seem overwhelming, especially if no skincare routine currently exists, taking some essential steps from this list will benefit your skin. Staying ahead of skincare concerns is best, especially as we age, but starting something is better than doing nothing. The goal of a skincare routine is to clean, restore, and protect.

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Beauty and Beastly UV Rays

suns dangerous rays UV woman hands up against sun

As winter ends and spring is upon us, if you skipped sunscreen through the colder and cloudier days of winter, there is no time like the present to take a proactive approach to caring for your skin this spring and summer. It does not have to be sunny or warm for the sun’s beastly UV rays to cause skin damage. Cloudy days are when visible rays are blocked, but the harmful rays come through whether or not you can see or feel them.

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