Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Skincare Resolution

new year

If dermatologists could give their clients a list of New Year’s Resolutions, at the top of the list would be to take better care of their skin. Professional dermatologists spend most of their time examining, assessing, and suggesting treatments for skin that needs tender love and care. Whether skin is being ignored or mistreated, knowingly or not, dermatologists see first-hand the benefit of a strong skincare routine and what a difference the right one can make. In 2024, supporting skin health is trending and essential for everyone regardless of skin color, tone, or type.

The Broken Record – Protect Skin from the Sun

What began as a suggestion so long ago is now a mandatory skincare product that everyone should apply daily. No skin color, tone, or type is immune to the sun’s harmful rays. The dangerous rays are getting more intense every year, and even in cloudy weather or on the slopes, sunscreen must be worn to keep skin healthy and protected. Sun damage, whether dealing with signs from bad decisions in younger years or current burns that could have been avoided, sun damage will cause early signs of aging.

Although “apply sunscreen” may sound like a broken record, the importance of sunscreen in daily skincare is critical. SPF 30 or higher is recommended with planning for re-application during the day. The best news is that with sunscreen being so mandatory, according to dermatologists, beauty lines are making incredible breakthrough sunscreen products that can quickly go undetected under makeup and be re-applied without the white pasty residue from thick sunscreens.

Dermatologists will also recommend hats and clothing that add a layer of protection, like rash guards at the pool or beach, especially for young children and those susceptible to severe sunburn.

Stick to A Routine for Maximum Effectiveness

Everyone has experienced the hype and excitement of starting a new habit or breaking a new one in the New Year. Deciding to take better care of your skin is no different – it is all about consistency. Consistency is critical to achieving skin’s optimal radiance.

So, even if you are wiped out at the end of the day and want to fall into bed, don’t skip your nighttime skincare routine. Often, with New Year’s resolutions, it is easy to get started, but sticking with it will get the results. One way to stick to your routine is to keep easy-to-use products in a place you see often – don’t hide your skincare products under the sink or in a drawer. Believe it or not, this visual cue triggers your brain to think about doing more than if it is out of sight.

Visit a Board-Certified Dermatologist

Everyone deserves glowing and radiant skin in 2024. Many people dismiss dermatology as necessary self-care, but periodic visits can help identify early signs of skin cancer and a family history of skin diseases that should be examined. If you have moles or skin spots that concern you or want to set yourself up for greater success in 2024, contact a local and reputable dermatologist in your area and make an appointment today. If you live in Atlanta, Georgia, Buckhead Dermatology offers excellent skin care options and finds affordable solutions. Dr. Sherrie Straughn believes everyone deserves good skin care advice and treatments.

Stay Away from Unbelievable Fads

When it comes to social media, it can be an incredible source of new ideas and products. However, sometimes the “quick fix” that seems unbelievable when it comes to skincare probably is. If you see something that would benefit your skin, ask your dermatologist. If you can’t do that, do your research before investing. Trends and fads can be great, but they can also deter you from your longer-term skincare goals for 2024.

Be Gentle with Skin

Whether it is rubbing your tired eyes or picking at something on your skin, stop treating your skin harshly. If you are a picker, resolve to quit. Not only is this bad for your skin, but it also lengthens the healing time and may leave visible spots months after they would have gone away without irritations. Skip harsh exfoliants which dry skin and can leave it flaky. Always follow up cleansing with moisturizer – all skin types and colors require it!

Simplify To Make It Stick

As with any New Year’s Resolution, keeping it simple increases the likelihood of your new habits sticking. A complicated and over-zealous skincare routine may be too much, leaving people skipping it altogether, so keep it simple. Many dermatologists may suggest skipping toners and exfoliators to simplify a routine because these products often dry out the skin and can cause breakouts. Stick with a mild cleanser, a good moisturizer, and a sunscreen that fits your lifestyle.

Whatever your 2024 skincare goals, Buckhead Dermatology is here to help. Reach out today for an appointment and make 2024 the best year for your skin yet!