Skincare Products – When Will I See Results?

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This is a loaded question because most of us want results now. However, there is a reasonable amount of time to allow new skincare products to show visible results on your skin. Many people want to know precisely how long they should give a new product and ask how long it takes to see results from skincare products. From cleansers to exfoliants, serums, and moisturizers, when is it time to call it quits or buy another container?

Any dermatologist or experienced skincare professional will tell you that skincare concerns don’t have quick fixes. Although we all hope for overnight results, the reality is that you won’t go to bed with wrinkles and wake up with tight skin in one application. Although the wait may seem like torture, professionals agree that consistency and patience go a long way when it comes to skincare products and seeing results.

Reversing skin damage and other skin appearance concerns often takes exponentially more time than it took to get the damage, so settle in for a long ride, but it can be worth it if you stick to it!

According to the Dermatology and Mohs Surgery Institute, a daily skincare routine should show signs of working within 28 days. That is typically how long it takes new skin cells to form. However, they also suggest that sticking with a routine for several months will have more noticeable skin changes.

There is no shortage of skincare products available; each has its purpose and promises results over different time ranges. Many new products on the market include a timeline so that users can compare their results with what the beauty company claims. In many cases, a beauty product that makes you feel good can positively affect how you see yourself, whether there are signs of skin cell rejuvenation.

Cleansers (Approximately 30 Days)

Cleanser is one of the most frequently used skincare products on the market. Since they are rinsed off, cleaners do not have much time to significantly affect our skin’s appearance. Cleansers do precisely that: clean your skin. A gentle cleanser alone will not likely change your skin’s appearance, but a nice, clean palate does set the stage for other skincare products with targeted purposes. It will take about a month of daily cleansing and a consistent skincare routine to see if a cleanser is helping keep your skin clear.

Any reactions that burn or leave skin red or extremely dry or oily should be changed sooner. It is always suggested to visit a reputable dermatologist who can help take the guesswork out of what products will work best for your skin type.

Moisturizer (Instantly and Up To 2 Weeks)

Every single person needs daily moisturizer. In the morning, evening, or whenever you wash your face, moisturizer should be applied as part of your skincare routine. Skipping moisturizer leaves skin dry and tells your skin to produce more oils, which leads to breakouts.

When you put moisturizer on your skin, you instantly feel a hydration hug, or at least you should. However, to see if a moisturizer provides lasting results, it can take up to two weeks of daily use. Dry and flaky skin should improve over two weeks with the right moisturizer.

Exfoliants (Instantly and Up to a Month)

Exfoliants should not be used daily. Some exfoliants have quite harsh scrubbing agents that can be irritating to the skin. Exfoliant results may initially make skin feel smoother because it strips away the buildup. Exfoliants, used as a regular part of skincare routines, can be an incredible way to open skin up to other skincare products.

Chemical exfoliants, as well as acid treatments, can take a month to show results. Exfoliants of this nature should be done by a professional, and they will have longer healing time but can have promising results over time.

Serums (At Least 6 weeks)

Serums can be a fun time in your daily skincare routine. Usually the best smelling and feeling, serums pack a superpower punch in teeny bottles. Although serums take more time to show results, once you have found one that works, stick with it! Serums can address sun damage, dark circles, tightness, and brightness. To find a good serum for your skin to achieve what you seek, have a professional dermatologist guide you in the best products for the fastest and most long-lasting results.

Acne Treatment Products (1 Day, Up to 3 Months)

Ance products can have the most variety of all skincare products. Factors include how severe the acne is, how diligent you are in your routine, and the products and ingredients. When a dermatologist prescribes acne treatments, it can take 4-6 weeks to see results. However, spot treatments can reduce inflammation within a day, and prescribed oral medications can show significant visible results in 2-3 weeks.

Dermatologists agree that skin cells turn over within one month, and it can be determined if most products are making a difference. Skip the invasive procedures, be patient, and stay consistent. Want help choosing skincare products? Contact Buckhead Dermatology today!