Keeping Your Skin Glowing this Holiday Season

Stress can be a skin glow killer. Often, around the holidays, the stress of getting the perfect gift and attending holiday events with indulgent food and drinks can take a severe toll on our skin’s appearance. The good news is that sticking with a skincare routine, regardless of traveling demands and a busy entertainment calendar, can prevent breakouts and dull skin this holiday. Stay diligent and follow some easy tips for keeping your complexion clear and glowing throughout the season. If you already have a skincare routine, stick to it. If you do not yet have a skincare routine, now is the best time to adopt one.

Regularly Clean Skin

Day and night, the skin can use a little wash-up. Mornings should begin with a mild cleanser to keep skin from breaking out. A morning cleanse also preps skin for moisturizer and a full face of holiday makeup. Products with salicylic acid fight against pimples and do not dry out skin. When it comes to nighttime, you may be too exhausted to do a full face wash at the end of the night. However, leaving your face clogged with makeup, sweat, and dirt may make your skin break out. Always, at the minimum, take off makeup before hitting the hay. Following up with toner or light lotion is the best way to ensure you don’t wake up to unexpected (and unwelcome) rashes or pimples. If you know it is going to be a late night, leave some water-based makeup remover by your bed that does not require rinsing, or use some wipes with moisturizer so you leave your mark on the event, not your pillowcase.

Prep Those Lips for Mistletoe Moments

When it comes to winter months, lips often end up dry and cracked. Whether indoors with the heater on, in front of the fire, or outside, lips continually require tender care. Keep a hydrating lip balm on you at all times – you can never apply too much. Keeping lips moist makes that perfect holiday lip look fresh and not cracked and dry!

Using Primer to Keep Holiday Makeup In Place

When it comes to wearing makeup, the holidays often call for more than usual. Whether an expected and planned company, family photo shoot, or an unexpected selfie moment, enjoying the holidays with confidence in your skin’s appearance can make the holidays more enjoyable. When preparing for a day or night event, prep skin with a primer to give makeup an even and smooth base. The key to any products during the holidays is choosing products with hydrating ingredients.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Although the holidays may have you enjoying a few more alcoholic beverages than usual, alcohol takes a toll on your skin, and staying hydrated is the only way to counter the negative effects of making the holidays merrier. It is recommended to drink a glass of water in between each cocktail, which not only keeps you hydrated but also reduces the number of cocktails you drink. Hydrating from the inside is critical to keeping skin aglow this holiday season, but providing your skin with the hydration it needs on the surface is also essential. There are many moisturizers, and it is likely you will use a different one during the day than at night. Regardless, keep your skin hydrated because the weather alone will dry out your skin.

Gift Your Skin A Detox

There is nothing like waking up after a late night, looking in the mirror, and seeing the signs of last night’s decisions. Lack of sleep may start to show signs in the eye area, and although a good night’s rest is the best remedy, the holidays don’t always allow that. There are many over-the-counter products to help with under-eye bags and dark circles – look for caffeine as one of the ingredients.

It is always worthwhile to take a break and give skin a gift – a detoxifying mask can do wonders to bring skin back to life. Detoxifying face masks use ingredients like charcoal to clean out pores and draw out deep-down dirt and oils. Plus, who doesn’t deserve a nice, relaxing break after a hard day of shopping?

Extra Holiday Radiance Boost

When skin seems dull or tired, use a daily serum with vitamin C. Vitamin C protects the skin and will visibly brighten it. Many signs of a hectic holiday season can be countered by being proactive and staying diligent in a skincare routine.

Whatever your plans are this holiday season, don’t skip a skincare routine to keep your skin glowing and party-ready. If you have concerns about your skin and its appearance, speak with a professionally licensed dermatologist. If you live in Atlanta, Dr. Sherrie Straughn at Buckhead Dermatology has been helping clients look their holiday best for decades and loves meeting new patients. Call today for an appointment.