Eczema Affects Children and Adults


When dry spots appear on the skin, most people do not think twice about it. If it doesn’t take much effort, they may put some lotion they already have over the area. However, when these dry spots persist and turn red and patchy, it is best to visit a local dermatologist who can determine if…

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The Correlation Between a Good Night’s Sleep and Healthy Skin

Over time, the skin loses elasticity, and this causes wrinkles as our skin becomes less taut. Other things that can increase the skin’s declining health are poor diet and exposure to environmental toxins. Although this may sound hopeless, today’s best dermatologists are trained and experienced to help those seeking to elevate their skin’s health.

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Can Low Vitamin D Cause Skincare Issues?

woman face in sun

Skincare is something everyone thinks about at one time or another. Babies can commonly experience eczema, teens struggle with acne, and aging adults struggle with common skin issues such as dryness and wrinkles – these are just the most common skincare issues at different stages of life! Vitamin D tests are low in most adults, and more than 35% of Americans suffer from low vitamin D. Scientists suggest, and most dermatologists agree that vitamin deficiencies may be the culprit for some skincare concerns.

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Ashy Skin Is Highly Treatable

ashy skin

Dry skin can reveal itself in many ways. Those with darker skin tones may describe their skin as gray or ashy. Although this skin condition is often more noticeable on darker skin, it can affect anyone. Ashy skin is a highly treatable skin condition that can be addressed and managed by a skincare professional. As…

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Winter Skincare Tips

In the colder months, the air dries up, and so does the skin. People enjoy snow-covered lawns and fun outdoor activities during this special time of year. Along with the joy of the winter season comes the reality that skin needs and deserves some extra attention for the next several months. If you are someone…

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