How To Care for Your Skin from Season to Season

Leaves Seasons

Just as the seasons change, so does your skin. As your skin toughs it out through cold and dry winters and moves into hot summer weather and an abundance of air conditioning, your skin care routine may require some product adjustment to keep your skin at optimal health through every season. As transitions come, it is best to be prepared with products that work for you so you don’t skip a beat in your routine, avoiding unnecessary problem management that comes from waiting too long to make the changes.

Spring Skin Care Needs

The temptation to run outside once the sun starts shining and things warm up can be overwhelming. Every skin care professional will advise you to apply sunscreen regardless of season. As people typically spend more time outside once spring hits, sunburns are more common, and any exposure to the sun’s dangerous rays must be considered before picking up your gardening tools or jogging shoes. Sometimes prolonged winters can cause people to throw caution to the wind when they first break out of their homes after staying in for the winter. The danger of disregarding skin care when transitioning from winter to spring is that the skin has not been exposed to the sun as much, so it is hyper-sensitive. Taking a proactive approach to skincare between seasons is an intelligent skincare decision!

Taking Care of Your Skin in the Summer

Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen. There is no excuse not to use sunscreen daily. The number of products available in types, thickness, and SPF makes choosing one complicated, but not using one is hazardous. Use a light moisturizer if you have pores that clog easily and stay away from harsh and drying cleansers. Some cleansers have moisturizers, which can be an excellent foundation to build your skincare routine. If spending prolonged periods of time outdoors in the summer, wear lightweight hats and clothes that provide an extra layer of protection. Skin cancer affects many people and can be avoided by taking purposeful measures to protect your skin during the hottest summer months.

One thing that is constant in summer is air conditioning. The air conditioner is likely on for most of the day in the hot summer months, whether in your car, office, gym, or home. Air conditioning can dry skin out, so having a spray moisturizer or hydration spray handy can make a ton of difference in how your skin feels at the end of the day.

Winter Skin Care Needs

Although the crisp air accompanying fall and winter can invigorate us initially, it isn’t long before the cloudy days, rain, and snow take a toll on our moods and skin. The heater running in your home, office, and car will dry out your skin. In winter, more hydrating products may be necessary to integrate into your skincare routine. The winter can be especially brutal if you already struggle with dry skin or eczema. If you are concerned with your skin’s health, visit a reputable dermatologist who can help you choose the best products for harsh winters.

Many who live in an area that experiences extreme winters will tell you one of the best parts of winter is that it ends! Once the weather starts to shift to spring and summer, the sunshine is a beautiful breakthrough. However, it is critical to protect your skin as you begin to spend more time outdoors in the sun. UV rays are dangerous, even in small doses, without protection. So, to ensure your skin stays healthy as you transition from season to season, use a daily sunscreen, no matter your skin color or type!

Keep Skin Hydrated Every Season

When it comes to keeping the skin healthiest, hydration is one of the most common things you will hear or read about. It is impossible to over-hydrate your body and skin by consuming water. Yes, it would be best to use mild cleansers, moisturizers, and exfoliate regularly, but hydration starts inside the body. When you are getting enough water, your skin will show it!

Hydration, diet, and other lifestyle changes can address many skin conditions. Visiting a local dermatologist’s office allows you to have a complete and accurate skin assessment so you are purchasing the correct products for your skin type. Instead of guessing what to do to live in your skin’s optimal appearance and health, make an appointment today and visit Buckhead Dermatology in Atlanta. Dr. Sherrie Straughn wants all her clients to experience their skin’s optimal health, and she would love to work with you!

Investing in your skin’s health means you are investing in your overall health. Dr. Straughn is a professional with decades of experience helping clients face challenges like acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer, and other skin care concerns. Visit today for seamless seasonal transition skincare!