Exfoliation: A Critical Step in Skincare Routines Leads to Radiant Skin

woman exfoliating face

Everyone seeks to have the smoothest and most radiant skin possible. Skincare routines vary in steps, complexity, time, and, of course, money spent. When it comes to your skincare routine – if you seek radiant skin, exfoliation must be part of the process. Experienced dermatologists and skincare specialists agree that exfoliation removes dead skin cells, leading to softer and smoother skin. Many individuals claim their skin is brighter when exfoliation is in their routine, whether day or night. The best thing about exfoliation is it does not have to be complicated to be effective. Choosing the right products and how to get the most from your product helps deliver the results everybody seeks.

The Predictable and Surprising Benefits of Exfoliation

Most people connect exfoliation to more radiant skin because it is the process of removing dead skin cells. Many do not know that our skin naturally exfoliates throughout the day, and every time we shower, some of that skin comes off on materials our body is in contact with (this is why it is essential to wash your towels and sheets regularly). The process of desquamation is the body’s natural exfoliation process. However, left to do it on its own, the skin may not shed enough to get that glow many people seek.

Don’t Skip Dead Skin Removal

When someone chooses not to incorporate exfoliation into their skincare routine, they miss the opportunity to gently remove the dead skin cells that make skin appear dull and rough to the touch. Dead skin buildup can lead to flaky skin, rough patches, and sometimes breakouts due to blocked pores. Removing dead skin cells through exfoliation makes the skin’s surface smoother and opens up pores, often leading to brighter complexions soon after starting.

Extra! Extra!

Another benefit of exfoliation is that because dead skin cells are removed, pores are more open to penetration from the carefully selected products you apply after exfoliating. More penetration means more noticeable results!

The Different Exfoliation Types

The two types of exfoliations focus on different parts of the body. First, an exfoliant scrub may be used on the entire body, causing friction using granules and specifically designed tools like pumice stones (typically for feet) and brushes. The body and feet are able to take on much more of a rough approach to exfoliation because the skin is thicker and typically less reactive to agitation. The second approach is less abrasive and uses retinoids and enzymes to break up the dead skin cells, allowing them to be removed.

When and How to Exfoliate for Maximum Results

Dermatologists agree that exfoliation is best done at the end of the day because the skin may be sensitive and is more vulnerable to the sun’s rays afterward. Again, it also allows those dreamy nighttime products to have maximum effects while you sleep and relax. Exfoliation should happen after using a mild cleanser and before toners and serums.

If you ask anyone working in the skincare industry, they will tell you exfoliation is not a daily chore but a weekly treat for your skin (facial exfoliation should not be done more frequently, but body exfoliation may help manage dry skin conditions). Over-exfoliation may cause skin irritation and weaken the skin’s barrier. Too much exfoliation leads to dehydrated and irritated skin that can manifest itself in several ways. If you have a reaction to any skincare products you try, please visit a licensed and reputable dermatologist for help and stop using the product immediately!

Start Exfoliating Today for Brighter Skin

If you do not regularly exfoliate your face, adding another task to your evening skincare routine may seem daunting. However, finding a mild exfoliation product is simple, and it does not take long for the results to be the motivator to keep it up!

There are countless products on the market. From sugar body scrubs to tea tree and apple cider vinegar scrubs, there is something for everyone. If you have sensitive skin and are hesitant to start exfoliating for the first time, contact a reputable and licensed dermatologist who can accurately assess your skin type and suggest products that will get you the desired results. If you live in Atlanta, contact Buckhead Dermatology. Dr. Sherrie Straughn is dedicated to ensuring her clients get what they seek and can help people avoid unnecessary obstacles in choosing the wrong skincare products.

Don’t wait for your skin to glow more and brighten up the room – start incorporating exfoliation into your skincare routine today!