Understanding Melasma and The Best Treatments


When skin pigmentation occurs, this skin condition is called melasma. More commonly experienced by women than men and darker skin patients than lighter skin, it often appears on the face as darker spots and patches. Melasma is not dangerous or contagious. However, if the discolorations cause someone to lead a low-quality life because they are…

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Three Ways Everyone Can Benefit from Visiting a Dermatologist

dr sherrie straughn

As summer is only weeks away, skincare quickly becomes a priority. People look for skincare solutions to keep skin hydrated, happy, and healthy. From protection against the sun to after-shower moisturizers, most people flock to the local drugstore and purchase products that promise to bring out the best in all skin types. It is important…

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Jade Rollers – Do They Really Work?

Most of the time, people get their first jade roller as a gift. It often comes in an attractive package accompanied by oils that claim to brighten, moisturize, or provide some other ideal skin appearance result. As compact and fun as the idea is, many people wonder if these popular jade rollers are just another…

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Skincare Routines of Top Dermatologists

Who better to ask about skincare routines than experts with collective experience, training, and knowledge? It is easy to take skin care advice from someone respected in their field, but how many of us wonder what they use on their skin to keep it so healthy looking? Dermatologists openly admit that they deal with many…

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Singer Lizzo Shares Skincare Secrets on TikTok Reveal Video

This week, skincare routines blew up social media as singer Lizzo dropped a candid and scaled-down skincare video on TikTok. Lizzo is someone in the limelight who embraces her beauty, and her latest trending skincare video aligns with her approach to putting it all out there. It is refreshing when someone famous allows themselves to…

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