Jade Rollers – Do They Really Work?

Most of the time, people get their first jade roller as a gift. It often comes in an attractive package accompanied by oils that claim to brighten, moisturize, or provide some other ideal skin appearance result. As compact and fun as the idea is, many people wonder if these popular jade rollers are just another way to sell the promise of more beautiful skin or if they really work. After talking with dermatologists and aestheticians, here is what we found out.

Jade Rollers Then and Now

A few years ago, jade rollers were all the rave. However, something about this trend has remained a part of many skincare routines, so there must be something to it. Jade rollers are meant to help drain lymph nodes from the pressure applied by the roller moving outward. The process is intended to move the excess fluid off the face. So, this information begs the question – if it is the pressure, is it the jade roller making the magic happen?

Dermatologists agree that jade has been used in beauty for decades and is traditional and prevalent in several Asian cultures. Face rolling is not a new concept and was practiced (and still is) in China thousands of years ago. Since jade is a semi-precious stone, it is thought to have healing properties and can bring energy to the skin and keep it young looking. The jade roller is often cool to the touch when it comes in contact with the face, and cooling reduces swelling and inflammation. So, for these reasons, those who use jade rollers likely feel and see some positive changes in their skin’s appearance.

Jade Rollers Help Penetrate Products into Skin

Several skincare professionals believe that using the rolling motion over the skin stimulates and enhances the penetration of active ingredients of certain products. Serums may be more effective if stimulated; if a product becomes more active through motion, it is worth it! Using a jade roller is like a mini facial massage, relaxing the skin tissue and reducing tension. Stimulation to the face will boost circulation, leaving skin soft, radiant, and even rosy. The appearance of tighter and smoother skin follows facial massages and treatments.

Jade Roller Myths

Although some may claim and post images of jade roller miracles on social media, trained dermatologists and estheticians agree that jade rollers can’t sculpt the face. Although using a jade roller can help de-puff and feel good, it will not tighten the skin or sharpen the jawline. Aging shows itself with drooping jawlines and eye circles; jade rollers alone can’t make these go away long-term.

However, it is good to take time for self-care, and if using a jade roller gets you relaxing for a few minutes while you treat your skin to a massage, then do it! Brightening serums and products may be just what your skin needs for a night out or a special event.

How To Maximize Jade Roller Benefits

The rolling itself can be done on clean skin, over makeup, or with moisturizers. The jade stone is limitless when it comes to when it is best to use it. What does matter is how it is used. The rolling motion should be upward and outward towards the ears and temples. The ears and temples are where the lymphatic drainage occurs, so start at the inner face and roll out. Start at the bottom and roll up against gravity when rolling on the jaw and cheeks. The neck should be rolled down towards the collarbone.

The Can and Can’t of Jade Rollers

Jade rollers can provide noticeable short-term results and can be a great way to look and feel your best before a meeting, event, or a night out with friends. Jade rollers CAN provide de-puffing and increase circulation to the face. Jade rollers CAN’T remove sagging skin or stop the aging process.

Skincare is Self-Care

Treating yourself and taking care of your skin is one thing we should never feel bad about doing. Skin health is important beyond better appearance. Skin health, including skin cancer screenings and daily sunscreen, can significantly affect overall health. If you live in Atlanta, Georgia, Buckhead Dermatology has openings today for new clients. Dr. Sherrie Straughn offers personal and professional care to clients with skincare goals and concerns.

Annual skin cancer screenings are recommended, and many signs of aging can be addressed in the office and without anesthesia. Working with an experienced professional ensures you are getting the best results and taking care of yourself. Dermatologists like Dr. Straughn believe skincare is for everyone and that seeking help from a licensed professional should be affordable for anyone seeking it. If you are considering seeing a dermatologist, or have a skincare concern, call today for an appointment.