Dermatologists Shed Light on Oily Skin and Hair

woman oily hair and skin

Everyone knows that dermatology focuses on the skin’s health. Whether age spots, eczema, or skin cancer screenings, full-service dermatology offices help clients with various skin conditions and concerns. However, what is less well-known is that dermatologists specialize in hair and nail health. People who suffer from dry skin often seek the professional help of a…

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Is Skinimalism Still Trending?

One of the most popular sources for trending and creative ideas, Pinterest named skinimalism a hot trend in 2021. In the highly referenced Pinterest Predicts Report, upcoming trends are predicted for the upcoming year. This comprehensive list doesn’t leave anything out and includes travel, well-being, home, parenting, finances, and beauty. Skinimalism was defined as allowing…

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5 Tips for Managing Oily Skin

oily Skin

It might be September, but that doesn’t mean we have completely escaped the heat of the summer season yet. In Atlanta, we can still expect hot and humid weather this month. And for those who suffer with oily or combination skin, the warmer weather can often make the problem even worse.  Instead of the dewy,…

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