Pampering and Prevention of Ashy Skin

ashy skin dark elbow

If you have ashy skin, you know how irritating this skin condition is and how it is inconvenient but uncomfortable when ignored. Understanding what causes ashy skin can help take measures to prevent it (or minimize the symptoms), and there are treatment options that you can try for relief! Licensed dermatologists have experience treating patients…

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Ashy Skin Is Highly Treatable

ashy skin

Dry skin can reveal itself in many ways. Those with darker skin tones may describe their skin as gray or ashy. Although this skin condition is often more noticeable on darker skin, it can affect anyone. Ashy skin is a highly treatable skin condition that can be addressed and managed by a skincare professional. As…

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Addressing Dry and Ashy Skin Before Summer

sensitive skin

That’s right. Summer is coming! The kids will be out of school, and the vacation planning begins. Many have every intention of having their skin “summer-ready.” Still, the days pass, summer comes and goes, and people ultimately cover up instead of showing off their natural beauty. It is not too late to address dry and…

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