Beauty Sleep Leads to Beautiful Skin

sleep tired woman

Beauty sleep is not just for princesses. As we age and life seems to get busier, sleep can become something we fantasize about getting but rarely make it a priority. Even if your doctor, therapist, or dermatologist does not ask you how much sleep you get a night, most people should be getting at least seven hours. Sleep and rest are required by our bodies to maintain healthy mindsets, body systems, and skin. Beauty sleep is not a myth; it is not just for the royals in fairy tales.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Sleep

The value of sleep is grossly underrated. However, sleep is when our bodies’ organs heal and our skin cells regenerate. Our skin fights off pollution, germs, weather, and UV rays all day, so it needs time to regenerate so it can do it all over again tomorrow. A well-rested outer layer can better protect you from the elements in the upcoming days. Skin’s ability to retain moisture and heal increases with more sleep. Reduced sleep means less time for your body to do the healing it needs. Studies have shown that getting enough sleep, allowing the skin to heal and regenerate, leads to more satisfaction about the skin’s appearance.

Women, especially during perimenopause and menopause, suffer from sleep disorders. Individuals with other health conditions may find that their medications also deprive them of a solid night’s rest. Working with a licensed dermatologist allows patients to comb through their history and find things that may be causing unrest at night. Dermatologists have insight into lifestyle and environmental factors that likely impact a person’s ability to sleep.

Protecting the Skin by Sleeping

Sleep, in essence, is when the body finally gets a break, and this includes the skin. Skin cells and body organs use sleep to get all fixed up and regenerate. Sleep may reduce signs of aging because studies show that those who sleep seven to nine hours have moister skin, and hydrated skin is a known factor in decreasing signs of aging. Skin cells can regenerate more quickly at night because they are not constantly battling the elements during sleep. Skin cell regeneration is responsible for collagen production, which keeps skin plump and elastic. There is also more blood flow to the skin while sleeping, and free flowing blood moves nutrients to the skin so it can recover from a hard day’s work protecting you.

Nighttime Skincare Routines Matter

It would surprise most people how many individuals skip a nighttime skincare routine. After a long day, it is tempting just to put your head down and skip the skincare routine. However, not following a skincare routine at night, even a simple one, is a missed opportunity to optimize skin’s health and appearance. The increased blood flow that happens during sleep maximizes beauty product ingredients and may yield more visible results. Serums and creams that target wrinkles and dark spots have been shown to produce better results when used at night on a clean surface. While the skin is healing, a powerful moisturizer can revive stressed skin. Creams with high levels of active complexes can also reduce the signs of aging during sleep.

  • Always wash your face at night using a mild soap, and at minimum, follow up with some moisturizer. On those tired nights, use a water-based face wash with some cotton balls to give your skin time to breathe and get the day’s gunk off. Small efforts in skincare have significant impacts on skin’s health and appearance.

Giving Your Body What It Needs

A person’s skin health can often be an indication of overall health, and sleep deprivation is a real thing with adverse effects on not only skin health but mental and physical health as well. If you have any concerns about your skin, want to make an appointment for a skin cancer screening, or want some guidance on fighting the signs of aging, contact a local and reputable dermatologist. If you are in Atlanta, Buckhead Dermatology is accepting new patients and has been helping clients successfully in all these areas for over two decades.

Did you know that many dermatology visits, notably skin cancer screenings, are covered by many insurance providers? Buckhead Dermatology works with primary insurance providers to ensure everyone who wants excellent skincare can get it at an affordable price. Above all, prioritize a good night’s sleep. Change your routine so you can get at least seven hours so your mind, skin, and body have the time they need to regenerate and heal. Beauty sleep is not just for fairy tales. Sleep is something we require, so make it a priority!

Beauty sleep leads to beautiful skin!