Four Things to Improve Your Makeup Routine According to Dermatologists

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There seem to be endless sources of beauty blogs, social media plugs, and personal experiences with makeup and skincare. However, some of this information can be valuable, getting input from professionals licensed in dermatology to provide some solid advice. After combing through skincare routine sites related to makeup, there is consistent advice around four makeup-wearing tips consolidated here.

Regular Cleaning of Applicators is Essential to Skincare

Many ignore the signs of our makeup applicators being past their due date for cleaning. Whether using a brush, sponge, or fingers, we often skip the cleaning step. This can prevent makeup from looking its best, and dirty applicators can apply more dirt than makeup, leaving skin struggling to breathe and shine brilliantly.

Cleaning your brushes or applicators can be done in hot water with mild dish soap. There are other products specifically for makeup removal, but dish soap can remove oils easily. Once the applicators are clean, it is essential to rinse them well in hot water to kill any residual bacteria and give your face a clean canvas for makeup application. If using fingers as applicators, wash hands with soap and water before applying makeup for ideal results.

Choosing Makeups That Are Best for Your Skin

Since any makeup will clog skin’s pores, choosing the right makeup for your skin can significantly affect the results. Most people wear makeup to look like they do not have any makeup on, so color matching and skin type matching can be challenging to say the least!

The best first step to finding the right makeup begins with an appointment at a reputable dermatology office near you. More affordable than many think, speaking with a licensed dermatologist gets to the bottom of many skincare questions, including skin type. Knowing skin type and identifying skin sensitivities can provide vital insight into which makeup will best fit. When it comes to color matching, if the initial purchase can be done in person or using an online color match app, you will likely not need to deal with the hassle of returning the product.

Application Does Impact the Overall Makeup Look

The skin should be treated with care, which stays true throughout any skincare routine, including makeup. The approach should be gentle when applying makeup, especially under the eyes. When using fingers as applicators, always use the ring finger. The ring finger provides the most delicate touch and should be used in a dabbing motion. When applying any product under the eyes, work from the outside inward, preventing the stretching of delicate skin. This truth also applies to sunscreen and moisturizer applications. Treat the eyes and face gently!

Advice across the board is do not rub your face or eyes at all!

Rubbing is rough to the skin, and with dirty hands, all this does is add dirt to the face. It would surprise most how much we touch our faces throughout the day, either resting our chin on our hands or some other contact. Being aware of this reality makes it easier to stop doing it. Keeping hands away from the face throughout the day will improve the skin’s overall health.

Allow Skin Time to Be Free and Breathe

It doesn’t matter if you wear makeup every day or only on special occasions. Removing makeup allows the skin to breathe freely and keeps the skin’s canvas clean and healthy. Since makeup does clog pores, removing it and allowing skin time without it impacts the overall look of the skin. If you wear makeup while working out, keep some toner and cotton balls in your gym bag and use them immediately after the workout. Sweat and dirt are not friends of the skin!

If using a cleaner or makeup remover, remember to moisturize after so the skin doesn’t go crazy and produce extra oils, leaving skin susceptible to breakouts. There is nothing worse than using makeup to cover up a blemish or flaw on the skin only to find out the makeup is making it worse. This is where seeking professional advice is helpful. An accurate assessment of skin type helps choose the right cosmetics, cleansers, removers, and moisturizers. If this is on target, more than half the battle is already won for makeup wearers.

Follow these four tips for a better overall makeup experience and consult with a reputable dermatology office qualified to help you. This small first step ensures the products you buy are appropriate for your skin type. Above all, find a licensed and quality professional who does not try to upsell you on their own products but finds affordable skincare solutions to fit your budget.

If you live in Atlanta, and would like to visit an exceptional licensed dermatologist, contact Buckhead Dermatology for an appointment. Dr. Sherrie Straughn provides excellent care and does a complete skin assessment for new clients.