Zero Waste Skincare: Eco-friendly Skincare Routines and Products

woman taking bath eco-friendly products

As the world strives for sustainable living in many areas, why not include an eco-friendly, waste free skincare routine? The beauty landscape continues to evolve, and now, product developers and marketing teams pride themselves on their progressive eco-conscious, recyclable, biodegradable, and refillable packaging. In 2025, customers are likely to see even more steps towards eco-friendly beauty products and packaging.

Beauty Brands Seek Sustainability

Many beauty product lines are stepping up when it comes to sustainability. Developers are thoughtfully considering ingredients, how they are sourced, how products are made and by whom, where products are developed and how packages are shipped. The shift for 2025 is to bring beauty products to the forefront of the eco-friendly movement to satisfy customers with growing environmental awareness and concerns. People demand products that not only feel great and do what they promise, but they also demand the process of getting the product does not require leaving destruction in its wake.

Why Consumers Choose Zero Waste Beauty

There are several reasons people are moving towards zero waste beauty products. The first reason most people give is to help our planet. People believe that choosing zero-waste beauty products will make a difference in the reduction of plastic in landfills and less negative impact on natural habitats. The next reason is for the well-being of the consumer. When paying for high quality beauty products, harsh chemicals should not be included, and this is not only for the environment, but people deserve gentler and healthier ingredients on their skin. The third reason commonly given to shift to zero waste beauty products is that companies with an eco-friendly focus typically practice ethical business and support smaller and sustainable companies.

How to Transition to Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

  1. Take a step back and evaluate your current skincare routine.

What do you currently have and use daily? Do you believe these products have a positive or negative environmental impact? Those you do not feel confident in should be swapped out with a new eco-friendly product when you run low or out of one. Replacing everything all at once is expensive, and it is challenging to determine which new product your skin may be responding to – good and bad. A licensed dermatologist can help this transition because they know your skin type and can help you avoid the pitfalls of trying new ingredients and products. Always try one thing at a time and give your skin time to respond – you may find a new eco-friendly product you are in love with!

  1. Be thoughtful when choosing new eco-friendly products.

Going green and being eco-friendly is undeniably trendy right now. Don’t believe every label you read that claims to be green or eco-friendly. Find products that are genuinely sustainable brands. Spending a little time to delve into a company’s motto and its dedication to sustainable beauty products will be worth it when you love what you put on your skin. When looking at new products, delve into where their ingredients are sourced and how they package and ship their products. There are acceptable eco-friendly certifications beauty companies can have that help ensure they are what they claim. Ecocert is a verified certification you can look for so that your purchase goes to the company that supports your zero waste goals.

  1. Recycle, Reuse, and Refill

Some things haven’t changed, and that is that we all need to do our part to help properly dispose of and minimize waste. Recycling is something everyone is familiar with, so do not skip this during beauty product disposal. Whenever possible, reuse and refill your existing product. Truly sustainable beauty companies will already have refillable products for their original containers. Even if the ingredients seem perfect, go with a company that carries their eco concerns through the packaging and shipping process, too!

  1. Choose Zero Waste Applicators and Cleansing Tools

Once you have your new eco-friendly products ready to go, don’t skip the next step. Using disposable cotton swabs and make-up wipes, all go to the landfill. There are many incredible options on the market today for washable and re-useable applicators and tools. Always choose these and feel good about how you put your skincare products on.

The condition of our planet is undeniably in need of some tender loving care. Although it may not seem that purchasing a few eco-friendly products and using some washable applicators may not make a difference, collectively, over time, it will. Zero waste beauty products will become a movement and certainly one that will continue to trend upward. If you have any questions about zero waste beauty products or skincare, contact Buckhead Dermatology today for an appointment. Dr. Sherrie Straughn is a dedicated and exceptional licensed dermatologist!