What To Expect During Skin Cancer Screenings

skin cancer screen

One of the most frequently asked questions about skin cancer screenings is when to start visiting a dermatologist to get one. The second most commonly asked question is whether they must completely disrobe to get the screening. Dermatologists never want these questions or fear of the unknown to prevent people from visiting a local dermatologist and scheduling a skin cancer screening. Knowledge is power, and knowing what the process is can take much of the guesswork out of a skin cancer screening appointment. The hope is that by preparing people with facts about skin cancer screenings, more people will see it as a preventative and essential part of one’s health.

What Parts of the Skin Does a Skin Cancer Screening Cover?

The short answer is all of it. When it comes to a thorough skin cancer screening performed by a professionally licensed dermatologist, every inch of the skin will be inspected. However, all clients are provided with a robe, and discretion is a top priority for dermatologists to ensure patients feel comfortable every step of the way. Although most people acknowledge they can’t see all of their skin’s surface, there are many more “blind spots” than people think. The only way to catch skin cancer early, have spots removed, and treat the skin is by relying on a professional dermatologist to do the screening safely and accurately.

When Is It Time to Get a Skin Cancer Screening?

Dermatologists will agree that the short answer is NOW. If you are thinking about it, you probably have a reason to get one, and when it comes to skin cancer, getting a screening sooner rather than later is always the better idea.

Since skin is the body’s largest organ, it makes sense why more people are diagnosed every year with skin cancer. More than 1 in five Americans will have some form of skin cancer before the age of 70. There are many factors that go into a person’s susceptibility to skin cancer, including choices of skin exposure, tanning beds, and family history. Repeated sunburn is one of the most well-known reasons people get skin cancer, so be sure to wear your daily sunscreen!

The Good News About Skin Cancer

Most skin cancer is highly treatable and curable when caught early, hence why the best dermatologists will recommend getting a skin cancer screening soon.

What to Expect During the Screening

It may be surprising to know that a thorough skin cancer screening done by a professional takes about ten minutes. The entire appointment will include a consultation to find out more about each unique client. Again, information is power, and this goes both ways.

The skin cancer screening will be done in a private room, and patients are asked to disrobe and put on a gown. If you are uncomfortable not wearing anything underneath, you can wear undergarments that can easily be moved to the side so no skin is missed in the screening. Makeup and nail polish are also recommended to be moved since these can cover up signs.

Patients will receive a head-to-toe exam and will address moles, lesions or anything that the patient may be concerned about. If something is a concern, your dermatologist will recommend a biopsy, which can be performed right there in the office. There are two biopsies that may be performed, and it depends greatly on the size, shape, and location. The dermatologist may also take photos of areas of the skin and will likely use professional medical equipment that allows them to get a closer look at the skin.

After the exam, the patient will get dressed and meet with the dermatologist to go over areas of concern and suggest a follow up. A professional dermatologist has a formal education and is trained to perform skin cancer screenings and identify any areas that need to be addressed. An experienced dermatologist will partner with patients to examine family history, medical background, and other risks.

Use a Trusted Licensed Dermatologist

When it comes to your health, it is most important to work with an experienced professional who will do a thorough skin cancer screening exam, make an accurate diagnosis, and provide affordable treatment options for her clients. Buckhead Dermatology has been providing clients in and around Buckhead, Atlanta with the best skin cancer screenings for more than 25 years. Dr. Sherrie Straughn believes every person deserves excellent skin care, so her office partners with many insurance companies to make skin cancer screenings affordable.

Prioritizing skin health and taking care of your skin starts with daily sunscreen and includes regular skin cancer screenings. Since your skin is, by far, your body’s largest organ, it should not be overlooked in health and preventative screening. Call Buckhead Dermatology today for an appointment and put your mind at ease through a professional skin cancer screening.