Five Skincare Tips from Popular Beauty Bloggers

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Beauty blogs provide insight and information on women’s beauty and skincare. When researching skincare regimens and routines, people want to know how bloggers seem so fresh and young-looking. Most skincare and dermatologist blogs will touch on the importance of what goes inside the body and how it affects the health of the skin and its appearance. Diet, lifestyle choices, and family history affect skin health and appearance. Everyone agrees that drinking water hydrates skin and is a healthy choice for the inside and outside of the body!

Layered Skincare in Five Steps

Although five steps in a skincare routine may seem overwhelming, especially if no skincare routine currently exists, taking some essential steps from this list will benefit your skin. Staying ahead of skincare concerns is best, especially as we age, but starting something is better than doing nothing. The goal of a skincare routine is to clean, restore, and protect.

Bloggers agree that layering products should move from the thinnest consistency to the thickest. Products should be applied to the face and neck at a minimum.

Step 1 Cleansing

Although bloggers often have their favorite daily cleanser, some prefer balm and oil-based soaps, while others prefer a mild water-based cleanser. Regardless, a mild cleanser is best for daily use. Washing the face and neck should happen at least once a day and, most importantly, at night. Cleansing your face, even when you’re exhausted from the day, is critical in keeping skin healthy because the day’s dirt and grime will sit in the pores overnight and not have a chance to breathe.

Cleansing at the end of the day is a step that should not be missed!

Step 2 Exfoliate and Mask

Exfoliation is an excellent way to get a little deeper cleansing. Exfoliation is not a daily skincare step but an essential one. Exfoliation removed dead skin cells that may not otherwise come off from regular cleansing. Following exfoliation with a hydration treatment of product can help skin recover from the deeper cleansing.

Masks are a special treat for the skin. Most people do not have time in their daily routine to wear a mask and invest the time it takes to work. Masks should be a mini-spa experience, a time to relax and not rush around. Use masks as a weekly or monthly treat for your skin and give your mind and body a rest while the mask is hard at work.

Step 3 Toners and Serums

Toner’s main purpose is to replenish the skin’s pH balance. Beauty bloggers prefer to apply toner using cotton balls or squares.

Serums are great because they target different issues. If you do not currently use a serum and want to use one in your skincare routine, starting with a Vitamin-C serum is an excellent place to start. If you have sensitive skin and are concerned about starting a new product, visit your local dermatologist to assess and determine your skin type and identify potential risks in using new beauty products. Serums can target dark spots, lines and wrinkles, dryness, and more.

Step 4 Moisturizer

Moisturizing is another step in skincare that should never be skipped. Cleansing removes dirt and grime, but without a moisturizer to follow up, sebum levels will overactivate and create oily skin, which turns the hairline oily, leading to breakouts. Moisturizers should hydrate and nourish the skin without feeling too heavy, but nighttime moisturizers will be a little heavier than daily moisturizers that go under your makeup. Daytime moisturizers may even be in gel form, providing a smooth surface for makeup looks.

Eye Cream is an essential moisturizer that can counter the signs of aging. Dry skin around the eyes can put years on our look. However, if your all-over moisturizer is sufficient to provide the hydration your skin needs and doesn’t irritate your eyes, you may not need a separate product. Eye cream is a personal choice, and some nighttime eye creams have dark circle treatment ingredients that may be worth considering.

If your skin is dry, add a drop or two of oil to your nighttime moisturizer, and choose non-pore-clogging oils.

Step 5 Sunscreen

Sunscreen could easily be the first step in skincare, but when layering by consistency, sunscreen is often the heaviest product in skincare routines. Today’s sunscreen looks different for everyone, and even powders can be re-applied throughout the day for added protection and a fresh look. These products are available at most dermatologists’ offices and are an excellent idea to ward off the sun’s dangerous rays.

The no-brainer here is to never, and we mean NEVER, skip sunscreen. There are so many options for sunscreen that nobody has an excuse not to apply it every single day.

Do you have questions about your skincare routine, your skin type, or how to find a manageable routine to bring out the best in your skin? Contact Buckhead Dermatology today for an appointment with the dedicated and experienced Dr. Sherrie Straughn.