Dermatology for Men: Top Four Skincare Concerns

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Dermatologists see both men and women for their skincare concerns. You will find more blogs, websites, and products to address women’s skincare concerns and issues, but men also want to look and feel good about their skin! So, what do men think about, and what challenges do they face when it comes to their skin’s health?

Razor Burn Tops the List

The most common skincare concern for men visiting a dermatologist, doing their own research online, or buying products advertised on social media is razor burn. Men may have mild reactions to shaving daily, whereas others suffer more significantly and can experience greater discomfort. Whether a person is experiencing a mild, uncomfortable rash or severe bumps and pustule-filled acne, skipping shaving is often not a long-term solution for a majority of men choosing the clean-shaven look. Although shaving irritates the skin (using a sharp blade against the skin’s surface), many severe reactions can be mitigated through shaving smart. The technique is often the culprit.

How to Shave Smart

Regardless of men’s technique and tools for shaving, which varies greatly, from dry shaving (ouch!) to being part of a shaving club that sends new, fancy blades each month, following a few dermatology tips can help save the day.

The first step of smart shaving is to wash the face with warm water. The warm water softens the skin and allows the razor to remove the hair without added resistance from dry skin and stiff hair follicles. The next step is to use clean and sharp blades. If a blade displays build up hair or any signs of rust, dispose of it immediately and replace the blade for the best shave possible. Although many men skip using a gel to shave their face, there are high-quality gels that can prepare the skin and soothe it while shaving. The best technique for shaving is using short strokes in the direction of hair growth. Rinse the blade in between strokes to get the closest and cleanest shave. Lastly, follow up with an aftershave lotion designed to soothe skin and minimize post-shave irritations.

Sweat Caused Skincare Concerns

There are two common skincare concerns that men have that are sweat-induced. One is athlete’s foot, and the other is jock itch. These two fungal infections occur in humid, warm, and dark environments where fungus grows easily. Athlete’s foot is not only between the toes, but can be in showers, socks, and floors. Swimming pools, locker rooms, and showers are havens for fungi to grow. There are several over-the-counter products to treat athletes’ feet, but in some cases, prescribed medication may be required. When it comes to jock itch, men who sweat more often struggle with this skin condition more frequently. Unfortunately, untreated, men may become self-conscious and experience uncomfortable rashes. Things to help with this condition are showering daily, keeping the groin area dry, wearing new undergarments after working out, and choosing cotton underwear to maximize breathability.

Hair Loss and Pattern Baldness

Hair thinning, or alopecia, creates male pattern baldness and can result in a receding hairline on the frontal scalp or crown of the head. Men go to great lengths to address this, and there is no shortage of hair loss solutions available. There are topical shampoos and serums, oral medications, and hair transplants that offer different solutions. Often, addressing hair loss for men comes down to how much effort an individual is willing to put in and what solutions are affordable. Men who are self-conscious about their hair loss may suffer psychologically. There are treatments available, and meeting with a licensed dermatologist can be incredibly helpful in finding an affordable solution.

Men’s Acne

No person is immune to acne. Some may not experience severe acne at any point in their lives, but men and women are both affected by this skin condition—stress, hormone issues, and sweating trigger breakouts. Anyone suffering from moderate and severe acne should be seen by a professional dermatologist because a professional can address specific concerns that take into consideration an individual’s skin type and other factors that target the problem more precisely for better results.

Men and women should be confident in their skin, and often, skincare concerns can be partially or wholly covered through insurance. Feeling good about your skin and addressing skincare concerns is something everyone deserves. If you live or work in the Atlanta area and want to visit with a professional and excellent licensed dermatologist, Dr. Sherie Straughn is dedicated to helping men overcome their skincare concerns. Buckhead Dermatology has been helping men and women for decades and continues to be the favorite local dermatology office with rave reviews and returning clients. Call today to schedule a consultation visit and get the solutions for your skin care needs today – you deserve it!