Dermatologists Shed Light on Oily Skin and Hair

woman oily hair and skin

Everyone knows that dermatology focuses on the skin’s health. Whether age spots, eczema, or skin cancer screenings, full-service dermatology offices help clients with various skin conditions and concerns. However, what is less well-known is that dermatologists specialize in hair and nail health. People who suffer from dry skin often seek the professional help of a…

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Dermatologists Help Families Navigate Pediatric Skincare

When a baby enters the world, doctor visits become part of the weekly schedule. As children grow, doctor and dental visits aren’t a second thought. Many schools require physicals and annual checkups to ensure children get the medical attention they need and that any concerns can be addressed early on. If a child is ill,…

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Skincare Trends to Look For in 2023

Well, as we are truly into 2023, it is that time of year when people make New Year’s Resolutions that may or may not be kept, and the hunt is on for the best skin care products coming on the market. Everybody wants to be on the front end of discovering a new, awesome skincare…

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The Correlation Between a Good Night’s Sleep and Healthy Skin

Over time, the skin loses elasticity, and this causes wrinkles as our skin becomes less taut. Other things that can increase the skin’s declining health are poor diet and exposure to environmental toxins. Although this may sound hopeless, today’s best dermatologists are trained and experienced to help those seeking to elevate their skin’s health.

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Is Skin Health Related to Stress?

Does stress affect skin health? All arrows point to yes. Stress and skincare are found to be closely related. Like stress and its effect on the body’s overall health, sometimes the word stress itself can create more stress! As we approach one of the most joyful but also stressful times of the year, keep an…

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Three Things to Know About Pesky Razor Bumps

black man shaving razor

Women and men both suffer from irritation after shaving. Unfortunately, some people experience extreme reactions that can appear as acne or a rash that is itchy and sometimes painful. Razor bumps are incredibly common, and those with coarse and curly hair typically experience this condition more often. Dermatologists find it is a skin condition that…

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