5 Fall Skincare Tips for Healthy Skin

fall skincare

Many people experience changes in their skin with the change of the seasons. Summertime heat and humidity can make skin feel oily. Cold weather can result in dry and tight-feeling skin. Skin changes can cause irritation and make finding an effective skin care regimen challenging. It can also result in the appearance of new skin conditions, such as acne, at different times of the year.

In the fall, temperatures tend to become a bit cooler. Cool weather, more time spent outdoors and beginning to pump the heat while at home or in the office can cause skin to feel dry, tight and even flaky. To adjust, it may be necessary to change up some of your daily routines and skin care products.

If you are looking for ways to care for your skin this season, read on for 5 fall skincare tips to help you keep your skin happy and healthy. 

5 Fall Skin Tips

Keep your skin moisturized. 

Colder temperatures and drier air can zap your skin of moisture. The summertime humidity that you may be used to will begin to decrease in the fall and continue throughout the winter. It is important that you continue to moisturize your skin daily with a quality moisturizer. 

Products that you use in the summer tend to be lighter because of the increased humidity and sweat. Starting now, you may want to find a thick moisturizer, body butter or cream that can help your skin retain its moisture. Hands can become especially dry and chapped as weather begins to turn. Adding to it the frequency with which we wash our hands during cold and flu season (and the pandemic) means we are constantly stripping our skin of much-needed moisture. 

Avoid long exposure to hot water. 

It may be tempting to soak in the bath or relax in a long, hot shower as the temperatures begin to decline. However, this habit can contribute to dry, cracked skin. Instead of a hot bath or shower, opt for a shorter, lukewarm soak. Immediately after getting out of the tub, apply a thick moisturizing cream to seal in the moisture. Getting into the habit of taking short showers can also be good for the environment! 

Increase the moisture in your environment. 

AS the weather becomes more crisp, you may start heating your home more frequently. Warm, conditioned air can also have a drying effect on the skin. Humidifiers can be effective at returning moisture to the air. Not only can this keep your skin supple and moist, it can help relieve congestion from seasonal colds and flus.

Exfoliate your body regularly. 

Proper exfoliation is one of the keys to healthy skin. While we talk a lot about exfoliation on the face, especially as it pertains to acne, it is important to exfoliate your entire body when the weather gets cooler.

Every day, our body sloughs dead skin cells that can pile up on the surface. Too many dead skin cells can clog pores and cause our skin to appear dry, scaly or flaky. It can also prevent moisturizers from infiltrating the skin, making them less effective. Gentle exfoliation using a loofah or washcloth in the shower can help remove dead skin cells and reveal healthy skin. 

Be mindful of your eating habits. 

A healthy diet is the cornerstone of overall health. While it is not unique to the fall season, eating well-balanced, nutritious meals and being sure to drink plenty of water are two things you can do to keep your skin in its optimal condition. Stay away from foods that are processed or high in sugar. Opt instead for lean proteins, leafy greens and natural foods. Stay hydrated from within by drinking plenty of water and avoiding dehydrating beverages such as coffee and alcohol.

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