Top Three Reasons to Visit a Dermatologist Today

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Almost everyone has purchased skin care products from the local drug store, hoping for a quick and inexpensive fix for whatever skin concern they are addressing. Unfortunately, most over-the-counter products must be mild enough not to cause allergic reactions for most customers. However, some products still cause skin reactions, and if this happens, the use of the product should stop immediately. The downside of over-the-counter products is that because they must be mild to sell, they are often ineffective. Waiting is the hardest part of skincare because gentler products can yield such minimal results that it is challenging to detect if they are working. If only more people understood that visiting a dermatologist can save time, and money, target specific care concerns, get visible results and address various skin care concerns immediately.

Skin Cancer Screenings

Today, skin cancer is more prevalent and affects more people than ever. Whether it is due to more intense sun exposure, genetic vulnerabilities, or other reasons, skin cancer affects 1 out of 5 people. A licensed dermatologist can find any indications of skin cancer and identify and treat them. The key is having screenings early and regularly because skin cancer is much more common than people think. A professional skin cancer screening from a reputable dermatologist can be preventative and provide peace of mind. In cases where skin cancer is identified, multiple treatments are available, and the good news is that it is incredibly treatable. The key is not to wait until it is so bad that more invasive measures must be taken to have them removed. Schedule a skin cancer screening and allow someone highly trained to look closely at your skin. They will perform a thorough check from head to toe, ensuring no indications of cancerous skin are present. Catching cancerous skin early is critical to staying healthy.

Acne and Blemish Control

Acne is not unique to any age, skin color, or gender. It can be equally frustrating and discouraging for anyone who has it and wishes the physical appearance were reduced or gone entirely. Thanks to the continually growing social media platforms, many people experiencing skincare concerns make a valid attempt to self-diagnose skin problems, and sometimes they have some success. However, most of the time, all that happens is money is wasted with little or no results. The only way to ensure sustainable results is to seek professional advice and treatment from an excellent and experienced licensed dermatologist.

Blemishes and acne are often caused by something in the diet or environmental factors. The symptoms can be mild or extremely uncomfortable and stressful. Regardless of the root cause, topical treatments from a dermatology office often completely manage acne and blemishes.

Achieving Optimal Skin Appearance

The skin’s appearance is something everyone thinks about, even if they do not recognize how much attention it receives. Self-tanners, wrinkle-reducing creams, and moisturizers are some of the hottest skincare products on the market. Although most people think they can buy some products over the counter at their local drug store and get rid of all wrinkles and skin concerns, that is not the case. Only licensed dermatologists qualified to observe skin can properly diagnose any skincare concerns and recommend products guaranteed to work. Why try five different ways to achieve something that can be more easily achieved by using the right product the first time? Instead of attempting to use multiple products, yielding minimal results, if any, finding a reputable and experienced dermatologist who excels in all skin tones is essential to achieving optimal skin appearance.

The best dermatologists will have the training and experience working with clients of all skin colors, able to provide the same incredible results for those with darker skin as those with lighter skin. Although two people with different skin colors may both suffer from a similar skin condition, the treatment will likely vary. A highly trained dermatologist can correctly identify skin types, what the skin is lacking or getting an excess of, and how to give it what it needs to achieve desired results. Many people think they have either oily or dry skin, which is often the case. When people think they have oily skin and use over-the-counter products for oily skin, they usually unknowingly choose a product that will make the skin concern worse.

One of the best ways to find an excellent licensed dermatologist is through testimonials. If you reside or work in the Atlanta area, call Buckhead Dermatology for an appointment and take the first step to self-care and achieve your skin’s optimal beauty. Self-care should not be overlooked and taking care of the skin is essential. If you have any skincare concerns, get professional advice from someone who understands what you want and can help you get it affordably and have effective results.