Social Media Redefines Beauty and Boosts Popularity of Plus Size Models and All Skin Types

Plus Size Black Model

It is no surprise that social media outlets have resulted in significant cultural shifts taking place, and Hollywood and Victoria’s Secret have nothing to say about it. Social media gives a platform to men and women who would have never been hired by a professional modeling agency or considered beautiful in a traditional sense. As acceptance of varying body sizes and all skin colors and types change the stagnant standard of beauty in America, many celebrate this new direction beauty recognition is taking.

Confidence to Embrace Their Bodies and Skin

Recently, more plus-size models are booking marketing and modeling gigs through social media exposure and growing popularity. As plus-sized role models, singers, and actors no longer have to comply with Hollywood’s impossible body size image, more men and women are finding broader acceptance in society. It is as if the more people accept their unique beauty, the more other people want to celebrate with them. This growing acceptance and encouragement are changing society’s body image in America, redefining beauty, and making it more inclusive than ever before.

A Shift in Beauty Image Impacts Many Areas

One central area that feels the impact of a cultural shift is the image and ideal of beauty is plastic surgeons, of course. Plastic surgeons are seeing more client inquiries about how and what can be made more prominent on the body (not just the breasts). Women have gone from using Botox for puffier lips to liposuction and other complicated surgeries to achieve fuller bottoms and bosoms.

Another field that experiences this shift is dermatology. Men and women of all sizes, skin colors and skin types start to feel the courage to embrace their skin and take steps in self-care. People who have not worn sleeveless shirts or shorts for years are willing to expose more skin and wear clothing that shows off the shape of their bodies. In line with this new frontier are people realizing they want to address any skin concerns they have covered up with clothing. This is an exciting time because the best dermatologist offices think every person has beautiful skin and can experience the joy of finding products and routines that bring out the natural beauty of the body’s largest organ – the skin!

As more Americans head off to visit a licensed dermatologist for the first time, it has also come to light that many people with signs of skin cancer have not noticed or ignored them until now. The most exceptional dermatology offices will do a thorough cancer screening, from head to toe, and not miss anything! Catching skin cancer early is critical, and skin cancer is highly treatable! So, there are many positive side benefits to this shifting view of beauty in our society and catching skin cancer early and embracing one’s unique beauty are only two!

New Standards of Beauty Exceeding Traditional in Followers and Posts

Social media activity is not going away anytime soon. Many people have found what they have to say; that people want to hear. People also recognize that beauty is not on the outside but the inside. A rising self-confidence and acceptance seem to be actually enhancing beauty and attractiveness. Plus size models have over 1 million more followers than the top 10 recognized models with social media accounts. It is not surprising that people on social media want posts from people they follow, and all-sized models and those with diverse skin types are giving them what they want.

The growing popularity of the less recognizable pictures of what qualifies as beauty is gracing social media platforms worldwide, forcing fashion and beauty industries to take note. One thing is clear. The audience is changing, and people are driving the marketing efforts, no longer a small, disconnected marketing team making all the decisions for high-end companies. Companies with a bad reputation for not catering to anyone but petite and toned clients have created lines specifically for those with more voluptuous bodies.

Although some argue social media has a mind of its own and is causing more profound division in our country, it is not wrong to focus on some of the benefits we also get with a growing social media base. Accepting people as they are, regardless of height, weight, skin color, or other previously limiting traits, is a win for everyone. Encouraging others in their health, beauty, and acceptance of their uniqueness is essential to a healthier culture overall. Seeking advice from a licensed professional is something everyone can now afford and may consider for the first time. So, whether seeking an incredible dermatologist, a renowned nutritionist, or simply someone who spurs acceptance and inspiration, let us do our part and support those embracing their inner and outer beauty on social media and mainstream advertising.