Ingestible Skincare Products Are All the Rave, But Why?

It is true that skincare products that are ingestible are growing in popularity, and everyone wants to know why?

As our nation is recovering from a devastating pandemic and facing new health issues that may or may not result from mandatory vaccines and boosters, people are seeking new ways to approach their overall health, including skin health. The move of the people in our nation toward holistic thinking has resulted in increased demand for ingestible products. This trend is forcing skincare product providers to take note and expand research into ingestible but equally effective products for a population of knowledgeable consumers.

Self-Care and Holistic Surpass Cosmetic Purposes for Skincare Health

Three out of ten people have purchased ingestible skin care products, which is up more than 10% and seems to be significantly more popular within the 25-34 age bracket. A mindset of increasing health from within is taking the lead in skincare, and many people are seeking to feel good while they look good. As more than 80% of women use skin care products to feel better about themselves, cosmetic reasons for adopting a skincare routine seem to be on the decline. It truly is about better health; if something is ingestible without an adverse reaction, it will likely be harmful to the skin. Some are choosing natural options, such as coconut and honey-based skincare lines, but many options are available.

Self-Care is the new buzzword. Whether it is incorporating meditation or quiet time into one’s day, taking up some physical activity, or journaling, self-care is an excellent movement towards healthier physical and mental health. After enduring such a disruptive and unsettling season in our nation and worldwide, every single person could use some self-care in their lives. That is why this internal approach to skincare is not much of a surprise but may yield some surprising results and expand a traditional line of products available to health-savvy consumers.

Functional and Nutrition Above Taste

It is not to say that consumers choose the least tasteful things to eat to “feel” healthy, but many who are advocates for ingestible skin care products claim that the value they add supersedes the actual flavor of the product. Compare this to health and protein shakes. Finding tasty and highly nutritional protein powders and bars is a challenge. Consumers will often take one for the team when it comes to taste, as they choose things to ingest based on the health benefits they promise to provide, attempting to address solutions to customers’ specific needs. Even if it means drinking a dark, green, and grainy liquid, that is often overlooked because of what promise this product holds for the body’s health.

There are times almost everyone has ingested something that was good for them that didn’t taste like chocolate. However, as more health and beauty companies find ingestible products to meet the growing demand, we may see some are able to find both beneficial and delicious skincare products in the future.

Do Healthy and Nutritional Ingestible Take the Place of Exercise?

The short answer is no. Staying physical, even in short spurts, on a regular basis will always benefit a person’s overall health. However, not everyone is mobile or has the time to commit to exercise on a regular basis. Whatever the reason, eating healthy and finding ways to provide the body with vitamins and nutrients allows everyone the opportunity to make some positive changes to their health. If getting physical is difficult, making positive and healthier choices of what you put in your mouth and on your skin can make a difference. Something is better than nothing.

Are There Risks Associated with Ingestible Skincare Products?

When in doubt, ask a licensed and reputable dermatologist. Ingesting products without knowledge of how your body reacts may result in adverse reactions, so look at the list of ingredients and make sure you are not allergic to any products you are considering investing in. It is wise to note any allergies and look at the list of ingredients before ingesting anything, especially skincare products.

Skin care health and any concerns can often be addressed and managed by seeking advice and help from a local and professional dermatology office. The most exceptional licensed dermatologists have industry-wide knowledge to help clients of all skin colors and types, offering solutions that are affordable. Everyone deserves to feel healthy, and the trend of seeking ingestible skin care products is just another movement toward overall health. It is encouraging to see people embracing their health and moving past the aftermath of COVID-19. People want to take control of their own health, not just take medications as prescribed by their doctors. If you have skincare concerns or simply want to find products that can make you feel good on the inside and out, ask a professional dermatologist!