Finding the Best Dermatologist for You

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Taking care of your health is essential. Skin health is important because it does impact physical health and an individual’s overall well-being. Those with skin conditions that need treatment or want to boost their skin to optimal health can find a good dermatologist that is right for them. There are many dermatologists out there, so to navigate what may seem overwhelming, follow these few tips to find the best dermatologist for you.

Board Certified Without Exception

The first thing that every individual should do when considering visiting a dermatologist is to find one who is board-certified. In order to be certified by the board, dermatologists must complete all required training and pass exams that the American Board of Dermatology requires. When talking about your skin, it is vital to work with someone with the training, knowledge, skill, and experience to provide the highest quality care. Everyone deserves to love their skin, and affordable and quality dermatology is available.

Experience Matters

Although board-certified dermatologists do go through training to be able to practice, experience counts. As with any medical-related career, those with more experience in the field will have more success diagnosing skin conditions and suggesting treatment. An experienced dermatologist has seen many patients, diagnosed many skin conditions, and had the experience that takes the knowledge from textbooks to practice. When looking for a dermatologist, find one who has been practicing for many years and has a good reputation in the community. Asking for recommendations and looking at client reviews online can be a good indication of how reputable the dermatologist is in your area and what others’ experiences have been with them.

Insurance Coverage

Skin cancer screenings and other skincare are included in many insurance plans. Find out what insurance coverage is available and if the dermatologist you are considering takes your insurance. Patients deserve to get the care they need without worrying about cost. Reputable licensed dermatologists, like Dr. Sherrie Straughn of Buckhead Dermatology, have a dedicated page on their website that lists all insurance carriers they work with, and this takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Accepting New Patients and Convenient Locations

It is essential to find a good dermatologist, but it is also important to see one that is accepting new patients and can get you on the books within a reasonable amount of time. Additionally, the location must be conveniently located near your home or work. Making another appointment is challenging enough, so ensuring it is convenient increases the likelihood you will make your appointment and be able to schedule follow-up visits as necessary, hassle-free.

In many cases, patients prefer to see a professional of their gender, which should be considered when looking for a dermatologist. Many men prefer a male looking at their nails, skin, and hair, and vice versa for women. No matter what, do what it takes to make this a positive experience. The initial contact for an appointment through to the end of the appointment should feel welcoming and like you are being given professional and sound skincare advice.

Treatments and Services

There is a wide range of dermatologists, including those who perform procedures such as Botox and other cosmetic services. Other dermatology offices use a more holistic approach to skincare, including diet and lifestyle adjustments, as well as targeting skin concerns using top-quality products designed for the client’s specific skin type. The toolkit that dermatologists have to pull from can strongly determine how they will guide clients in resolving skin issues.

Some of the most common skin concerns that people seek professional help from a licensed dermatologist include acne, ashy skin, DPN, Eczema, keloid, melasma, moles, razor bumps, spider veins, vitiligo treatments, and, of course, skin cancer screenings.

Skin Cancer Screenings and Treatment

Skin cancer affects 1 in 5 Americans. When diagnosed early, it is highly treatable. Establishing oneself with a board-certified dermatologist allows a comprehensive review of family history and other relevant details that may affect a person’s susceptibility to skin cancer. A complete screening is done in the office, and most treatments can be done during an office visit using a local anesthetic.

Buckhead Dermatology offers the experience of Dr. Sherrie Straughn, a board-certified dermatologist who has been practicing in the Atlanta area for 30 years. She is accepting new patients and listens to her clients to ensure they get the answers they seek and the treatments they choose at affordable costs. Offering a wide variety of skincare services and treatments, if you live or work in the Buckhead of College Park areas of Atlanta, wait no longer. Contact the office today to set up your appointment. Dr. Straughn has an excellent bedside manner and is caring and committed to helping every client achieve what they want when it comes to their skin, hair, and nail health.