Dermatology and Skincare for Men

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Toss out the myth that skincare routines, products, and dermatology visits are just for women! Men deserve to love their skin just as much as women, and although not as expected, it should be. Men often prefer to keep skincare to a minimum, but today, there are products and options to keep men’s skin looking healthier and younger with little effort. So, welcome aboard, gentlemen!

Evaluate and Modify Skincare Routines if Necessary

Today is the perfect time for men to evaluate their existing skincare routine if they have one. If one does not yet exist, it is an even better time. Developing healthy skincare routines is recommended by the best dermatologists, no matter your age, gender, or skin type.

Learning how to care for the body’s largest organ goes hand in hand with taking care of the body’s physique – why sacrifice the skin’s appearance when working so diligently on how every muscle is accentuated from working out? Undeniably, the skin of men and women has some differences, which is why skincare routines look different for each. Men typically have thicker skin than women, but some skincare basics apply to everyone, even men.

Understanding Skin Type Gets the Job Done Without Guesswork

Most men like to get to the point on things, so speaking with a dermatologist to determine skin type can take the guesswork out of skin type and the best products to achieve skin’s optimal appearance. Many people think they know their skin type and use the wrong products because they, in fact, do not know their skin type and sensitivities. Whether skin is normal, dry, oily, or a combination of sensitive, having this information upfront allows for developing a targeted and purposeful skincare routine.

What Men Should Consider When Developing a Skincare Routine

As mentioned, everyone should follow some basic skincare recommendations. The basics include:

Washing Skin Daily, Especially Post-Workout

Men are not immune to dirt and sweat buildup throughout the day. The temptation for many men is to use their body soap in the shower as their face wash, but this is not a good idea. Most body washes, including the scented bars, are incredibly drying and harsh on the skin. A mild face cleanser will make a difference in the skin’s appearance; only warm water is best! Hot water strips the skin of natural oils and can trigger over-active sebaceous glands, leaving skin oily.

Assess Shaving Technique

If your shaving routine leaves your skin with bumps, burns, or ingrown hairs, assess your current techniques and look for ways to be gentler to your face. Stay away from the cheapest razors and find a double-blade razor. Do not pull the skin tight to shave; always make sure the skin is wet, and use shaving cream. After each swipe, rinse the razor, and always change blades after 5-7 uses. These minor adjustments will significantly affect the skin’s appearance following a shave.


Using a moisturizer helps skin stay hydrated, which prevents flaking and dryness. It is recommended to apply moisturizer as soon as possible after a shower to lock in some of that water while the skin is damp. Moist skin stays younger-looking longer, minimizing fine lines and keeping it looking healthy.


Every person who goes outside should wear sunscreen daily. Whether driving, going to the park, or working outside, sunscreen is the skin’s best layer of protection from harmful UV rays. Don’t be fooled by thinking that thicker skin protects the skin from the sun—today, everyone needs to be mindful of the damage sun exposure does to the skin.

Skin Checks

Let’s face it – many men do not like to think about skin cancer and that they may be susceptible to it. The reality is that skin cancer affects many, including men and women. Men over fifty are at greater risk for melanoma, which can be deadly. Skin cancer caught early can be treated. Men who may not be comfortable going to a dermatologist for a skin cancer screening can do home inspections first and then visit a dermatologist if anything is concerning or changes over time.

Check Those Labels and Ingredients

Once skin type is known, purchasing quality skincare products becomes much easier for men. Making the best choices for your skin will require a little more time checking labels and ingredients to ensure you get your money’s worth and the results you seek. In general, using non-comedogenic products won’t clog pores, and staying away from unscented products can reduce the likelihood of sensitivity. Even unscented does not mean it doesn’t have scent added, so be aware when purchasing new skincare products.

If you want skincare help or have a man in your life who would benefit from consulting with a dermatologist, contact Buckhead Dermatology today. Dr. Sherrie Straughn has decades of experience, works with all skin types, and is a Black Skin Specialist.