Dermatographia: Facts About a Common Skin Condition

skin writing dermatographia

Dermatographia is also called skin writing and affects 5% of the general population. The raised marks can become more irritated with continued friction and pressure. Although the exact cause is unknown, there are several schools of thought, and it can easily be diagnosed and treated by a licensed dermatologist.

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The Correlation Between a Good Night’s Sleep and Healthy Skin

sleep tired woman

Over time, the skin loses elasticity, and this causes wrinkles as our skin becomes less taut. Other things that can increase the skin’s declining health are poor diet and exposure to environmental toxins. Although this may sound hopeless, today’s best dermatologists are trained and experienced to help those seeking to elevate their skin’s health.

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Vaccines and Skincare

The skin’s reaction and severity to a vaccination may depend on skin type, skin color, diet, and several other factors. Skincare conditions and concerns can be diagnosed and treated by a licensed professional. Using a local dermatologist who is also familiar with environmental factors in the area that affect the skin is a significant advantage for those wanting to get back their skin’s health and beauty.

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The Post-Shower Skin Itch

Taking multiple showers daily is not uncommon if you live in the humidity part of the year. Showers may just be a rinse-off and not involve a regular hair routine or even soap, but many people living in warmer climates find themselves under the shower head halfway through the day to get a clean feeling…

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