What Causes Pesky Spider Veins and Are They Treatable?

Spider veins can sound scary, especially if you’re not a fan of eight-legged crawlers, but the term came to be because of the way thin lines, called branches, appear off an area where the valves that carry blood back to the heart are blocked in some way. Therefore, spider veins can appear spider-like. Spider veins are typically painless and appear in blue, black, or red lines. Since they are not usually painful, most people inquire about them because of the way they look on the skin’s surface.

There are several effective treatments if someone wishes to address the cosmetic concerns, and a licensed and experienced dermatologist can masterfully perform them in the office.

Spider veins and varicose veins result from weakened valves that move the blood to the heart that are having difficulty flowing correctly, and this causes pooling in the vein that can result in bulging and branching.

Are Some People More Prone to Spider Veins?

There are multiple factors that play into the risk of getting spider veins, but women are twice as likely to get them than men. There are numerous things that women experience that make them more susceptible. One is pregnancy because of excess weight and increased blood flow to the baby. Another is hormonal treatments that include estrogen, and estrogen weakens vein valves. Other reasons are age and genetics. Age is a factor because as the body ages, the valves to move blood become weaker. This is why it is recommended to have feet elevated when sitting for an extended time, so the valves do not have to work as hard to move the blood upward through the body. If a family history of spider veins exists, it is 90% likely that others in the same bloodline will also get them.

Sunlight has also been shown to cause spider veins in the face as the UV light causes skin damage, so please do not forget a daily sunscreen on your face!

Are They Ways to Prevent Spider Veins?

Licensed dermatologists and skin care professionals will tell you that preventative measures can be taken to help aid the valves so they can move the blood, how it needs to move and where it needs to go.

Again, sunscreen is proven to help prevent spider veins from appearing on the face. Hats and clothes that provide an added protection layer are worth it! Maintaining moderate body weight allows the blood to move more freely since added weight can stress the valves. Compression stockings are something commonly used that help with circulation. It is also recommended to keep moving – fitness watches and devices have a reminder feature that alerts you if you are stationary for extended periods throughout the day. Additionally, excessive heat and alcohol can also worsen or cause spider veins.

Spider Vein Treatments and Topical Cover-Ups

An experienced dermatologist will have helped many patients manage any concerns with spider veins. Some may choose to use topical products that cover up the areas of concern, whether make-up or self-tanners. Sometimes this is enough coverage that people do not seek professional advice. However, if there are more significant concerns and one is seeking a more sustainable solution, other targeted options can be performed at a local dermatology office. Dermatology treatments do not have to be expensive, and there are excellent and affordable dermatologists who want to help clients overcome skincare challenges, and spider veins are one of them.

The good news is – several effective and outpatient treatments for spider veins can be performed by a reputable and experienced dermatologist. Rarely does treatment involve surgery. Surgery is often reserved for more prominent varicose veins, which can be painful, and surgery is necessary to give some patients relief. A couple of laser treatments are administered in a dermatology office and may or may not require anesthesia, depending on the type of treatment. Sclerotherapy injects into the vein an irritant that causes the veins to stick and stops blood from flowing to that area. It reduces the swelling, and as the vein shrinks, the vein will fade or disappear entirely. It is possible that multiple treatments will be necessary to get the desired results.

If you are experiencing spider veins and are seeking professional help to address your skincare concerns, find an established licensed dermatologist who has successfully helped other clients with their spider vein concerns. Whether simply cosmetic or for other reasons, spider veins are highly treatable, and there are dermatology offices that offer affordable treatments. It is always good to call and make an appointment after doing some research. If you are in the Atlanta area, Buckhead Dermatology offers exceptional skincare and believes everyone deserves the highest quality solutions at affordable prices. Any concerning skin care needs can be examined and assessed by a professional dermatologist, giving peace of mind and manageable solutions.