Do you live in Atlanta and suffer from Blemishes?

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Whether you currently have flawless skin or not, there’s always a time in our life when we experience these little party spoilers called blemishes. Blemishes may seem small and insignificant, but for many people blemishes could leave us with diminished self-esteem in terms of appearance, causing us to be overly self-conscious and constantly searching for remedies. Well, Buckhead Dermatology in Atlanta Georgia and College Park is here to help.

What are Blemishes?

Blemishes are simply imperfections on our skin usually as a result of blockage on our skin pores. Blemishes may come in diverse forms which include age spots, uneven skin tones, etc. Other spot related examples of blemishes include blackheads, papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts.

Causes of blemishes

We know that blemishes are caused by blocked skin pores but let’s take a look at the reasons why we suffer skin blemishes.

Excess skin oil production: The pimples that sprout from the skin are formed by excess oil production as well as clogged pores, bacteria, and dead skin cells. There are glands within our skin known as sebaceous glands located within our pores that are responsible for secreting the oily substance, sebum to aid skin moisturizing. Inasmuch as this is helpful, excess of it as bad as this causes dead skin cells on the surface of the skin to clog, and eventually block skin pore thereby causing blemishes.

Body reactions and immune responses: When we have our skin pores blocked, bacteria growth within and around the skin is more likely to occur. As a matter of fact, there are common bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes know for causing acne on the skin. In terms of immune responses, the white blood cells within our body are constantly working to kill off unwanted bacteria, however, the process sometimes causes the skin to become more inflamed and red blemishes could appear.

Make-up: Many of us tend to apply heavy makeup to cover these spots. However, applying heavy make-up could compound issues by clogging up more skin pores, leading to more blemishes. If at all you must apply make-up, ensure you are making use of a proper make-up brush. Avoid using your fingertips, as this prevents the transfer of bacteria from your fingers to your face.

Stress: When we get stressed, our body exhumes stress hormone This hormone is quite vital in alleviating the effects of stress, but when it gets too much within the body, oil production within the body is increased. The excess oil then tries to escape through the skin pores on the face which tends to clog them. This results in facial skin blemishes and a myriad of stress spots.

These are just a few causes, however, you must have it in mind that there could be a whole lot more causative factors. In most cases, blemishes are caused by bacterial infections so it’s advisable to avoid touching your face with your hands unnecessary as touching your face throughout the day means you would have been transferring millions of bacteria from your hands to your skin increasing the chances of spots and blemishes appearing.

For professional assistance, do not hesitate to contact Buckhead Dermatology in Atlanta Georgia and College Park. The board-certified dermatologist is more than happy to provide you with a reliable diagnosis and treatment advice.