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Dispelling Three Eczema Myths

By Buckhead Dermatology | July 14, 2022

Bringing light to eczema myths is an excellent first step for the world of dermatology and anyone experiencing symptoms caused by eczema. Some may not even know they have eczema but will feel relieved once diagnosed and on a treatment plan for healing.

Ingestible Skincare Products Are All the Rave, But Why?

By Buckhead Dermatology | July 5, 2022

Everyone deserves to feel healthy, and the trend of seeking ingestible skin care products is just another movement toward overall health. It is encouraging to see people embracing their health and moving past the aftermath of COVID-19, and one way is to take care of the skin. An excellent dermatologist can help address any skincare concerns.

What Causes Pesky Spider Veins and Are They Treatable?

By Buckhead Dermatology | June 30, 2022

If you are experiencing spider veins and are seeking professional help to address your skincare concerns, find an established licensed dermatologist who has successfully helped other clients with their spider vein concerns. Whether simply cosmetic or for other reasons, spider veins are highly treatable, and there are dermatology offices that offer affordable treatments.

Is Daytime or Nighttime Skincare More Beneficial?

By Buckhead Dermatology | June 26, 2022

The fact is many are seeking ways to enhance the skins’ beauty as it ages. Instead of using countless products, finding an excellent dermatologist is a sure way to get results.

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Top Three Reasons to Visit a Dermatologist Today

By Buckhead Dermatology | June 20, 2022

Self-care should not be overlooked and taking care of the skin is essential. If you have any skincare concerns, get professional advice from someone who understands what you want and can help you get it affordably and have effective results.

There’s Nothing Rosy About Rosacea

By Buckhead Dermatology | June 9, 2022

Rosacea is extremely common, but very manageable with the help of a professional dermatologist. If experiencing annoying symptoms caused from this skin condition, do not wait to get some help.

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Is Skin Condition Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra Treatable?

By Buckhead Dermatology | May 31, 2022

Better known as DPN, this skin condition shows up as black or brown “tags” around the cheeks, forehead, eyes, back, chest and neck. Although they are not the same as skin tags, they are commonly elevated slightly above the skin’s surface. This similarity to skin tags in the way they hang is also often self-diagnosed…

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Dermatologists Help Vitiligo Patients Triumph

By Buckhead Dermatology | May 24, 2022

Seemingly affecting only a small group, at 1% of people, vitiligo is a skin condition where patches appear as areas of the skin losing pigmentation. Although vitiligo does not discriminate against those it affects, it is more noticeable in darker skin tones. Those who have vitiligo can suffer great stress psychologically, and some remove themselves…

Managing Psoriasis Over the Warm, Summer Months

By Buckhead Dermatology | May 19, 2022

Summer is fast approaching, and temperatures are heating up. In the south, humid weather makes 80 degrees feel like a wet 100. Desert states feel like 100 degrees because it is at least that hot! Whether excessive heat or dryness, extreme temperatures are no friend to our skin, so finding an effective skincare routine to…

Skincare Specialists Report Cases of the Unofficial Diagnosis of COVID Toes

By Buckhead Dermatology | May 10, 2022

Since the memorable month of March in 2020, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, dermatologists locally and internationally have reported seeing an increasing number of cases of the mystery foot and toe rash that seems to be a direct result of COVID-19. Although most reports have been in children and younger patients, adult cases…