What is the best cure for dry skin?


What is the best remedy for dry skin?
What is the best remedy for itchy dry skin?
What is the best way to prevent dry skin?


Dry Skin / Winter Itch

Winter brings colder temperatures and less humidity in Atlanta.  Central heating is very drying as it takes the naturally moisturizing humidity out of the air.  When your skin is dry, there is an increased risk of bacterial and fungal infections, irritation and allergy response – each of which can cause dry skin to itch.

Although bath scrubs and exfoliators feel good, they can irritate and strip the moisture from your dry skin. To seal the moisture into your skin after bathing, apply your lotion, or preferably Vaseline,  before toweling off. Your skin dries out more on your lower extremities than upper body; you can expect to moisturize there more often. Ointments offer more moisture than creams and plain, non medicated Vaseline® is recommended on your feet and lower legs, just before going to bed.

Dry skin and winter itch usually respond to good skin care and  the right over-the-counter products (ex. unscented, no added water). Recommended are:

  • Plain, non medicated Vaseline® just before going to bed or after bath. reduces dry skin
  • CeraVe® (contains Ceramides that help skin repair dry, cracked areas)
  • Aveeno® Eczema Therapy with soothing oatmeal)
  • For natural products try Olive oil or Coconut oil

If you live near Atlanta, GA and have itchy dry skin that is not getting better, see  Buckhead Dermatology. Your winter itch may actually be eczema, ichthyosis (fish skin) or a fungal infection.

At Buckhead Dermatology we can help you!

More About how we can help your Dry Itchy skin:

Dr. Straughn, a board certified dermatologist who has been practicing dermatology in the Atlanta, Georgia area for over 20 years. At Buckhead Dermatology we can help you feel better about your skin.

Dry skin is one of the most common problems in the winter .  At Buckhead Dermatology we care about the cost of medications and will let you know the cost of your medications. We will provide you with samples and a written plan to address your dry skin.

Don’t suffer and waste money on products which simply don’t work. You don’t need to wait weeks to be seen either. At Buckhead Dermatology we’re centrally located in Atlanta, Georgia. We will also schedule an appointment within 24 hours of your calling!!

Dry itchy winter skin is treatable. We serve all ethnicities with care and knowledge. So if you’re suffering, please take a moment to call and make an appointment today.

We are your Atlanta, GA dermatology and dry skin specialists. We look forward to hearing from you.



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