Protection Against Skin Cancer – Atlanta, GA


For the best Protection Against Skin Cancer that comes from sun damage, Dr. Straughn and Buckhead Dermatology in Atlanta suggest the following:

  • Limit your exposure: wear at least at least hat, lotion formulated to protect you from both forms of sunlight, and sunglasses
  • If you have an older car, look in the owner’s manual or manufacturer to see if the windows of your model have SPF coating; install if not.
  • Understand the basics of sun lotion. This is a very confusing area. Unfortunately an SPF of 60 is NOT twice as effective or longer lasting than an SPF30. 
  • It is best to apply onto cool, dry skin at least 20 minutes before exposure.
  • Understand also that NO product is waterproof. Dry yourself and re-apply at regular intervals.

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