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Millions of women experience hair loss, which is often referred to as alopecia. Many never seek the help of a dermatologist and suffer sometimes permanent hair loss. At Buckhead Dermatology in Atlanta, GA, we take hair loss seriously and we are committed to helping you with your hair loss.

There are many causes of hair loss including heredity, internal, external, stress, skin conditions and scarring hair loss. Treatment is available for many people, however, an accurate diagnosis is essential.

Androgenetic alopecia, also known as “Female Pattern Hair Loss”, is very common and can develop as early as teenage years. This type of hair loss usually become more noticeable over time. Female pattern hair loss is an inherited type of hair loss, but it is possible that you may be the only immediate member of your family to be affected. Have you noticed a widening of your part or thinning of your ponytail? These are both signs of female pattern hair loss. In men, the hairline usually recedes. The treatment for female pattern hair loss is Rogaine for women and either Rogaine or Propecia, an oral pill for men. (The pill is not FDA approved for female pattern hair loss.)

External causes of hair loss include combing, brushing, tight braids or ponytails, weaves, chemicals or heat applied to the hair. These grooming techniques can cause hair to break off to the roots and in some instances, can result in permanent hair loss over time.

Stress can cause shedding. Physical, emotional and mental stress can cause hair to shed. Shedding can be described as hairs coming out from the roots when you gently comb or pull on the hair. Although stress can be an aggravating factor for many types of hair loss, at Buckhead Dermatology, in Atlanta, GA, we do not assume that hair loss is stress related. Instead, we do a comprehensive evaluation to determine any other underlying causes.

Skin conditions are also very common reasons for hair loss. These conditions may include inflammation, scarring and infections, particularly fungal. Inflammation can cause your scalp to itch, burn or feel tender. Scarring results in permanent hair loss. Fungal infections often present as a dry, flaky scalp, similar to dandruff, but fungal scalp infections require oral treatment to prevent permanent hair loss. Shampoos and topical creams will not cure the infection.

When it comes to hair loss, internal medical conditions always need to be considered. Thyroid disease, anemia, connective tissue disease and hormone imbalances can cause hair loss.  At Buckhead Dermatology in Atlanta, GA, we check labs to ensure that there is no underlying medical condition that needs to be corrected or treated.


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